SWTOR Styled Dailies

The name says itself. I know there’s topics on this. Well what about Funcom instead of Pippi Server adding a Dailies System?

Here’s a list of things that can be a achieved.

Kill 50 crocodiles: 10 min. Health buff
Stack 20 Black Ice Walls: 1 Strength Attribute Potion that lasts 120 secs.
Capture 20 Tier 4 (Named) Thralls: 30 Gold Coins
Kill 15 Unnamed City Dragons: You get a Dragon mount or some awesome mount.
Raid 10 Villages: Unlock new character/monster/mount art.
Build a large castle or building: Gain friendship from a very strong monster for 30 mins. before turning against you.
Craft 50 Godbreaker Boots: Grants Stamina boost duration 10 mins.
Kill 30 Dragons and 40 Ice Giants: Gain New Vanilla Level Cap 200 for 10 mins.

Yeah I know mods can do stuff like that but maybe Funcom do this and come up with a better idea than mine? Maybe create a mod that can do stuff like this?

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Most of those don’t look like “dailies” to me. Aren’t “dailies” supposed to be achievable in a pretty short time, for a minor bonus? At least that’s how the term is used in some other MMOs (I haven’t played SWTOR). Some of those (such as a dragon mount) look like rewards for a pretty epic quest line, whereas others are incredibly time-consuming for a minor temporary buff.

Crafting 50 Godbreaker boots (why would anyone need 50 pairs of boots?) for a 10-minute stamina buff? How do the two relate? And a 10-minute stamina buff for weeks of grinding the same dungeon (as well as collecting all the other materials for the boots) doesn’t feel like a sufficient reward.

In my experience with other games, “dailies” simply tend to add to the grindy feeling of the game. They quickly turn into chores, and you find that most of your playing time goes into doing the chores, rather than actually playing for fun.


I love how you focus on his bad examples instead of the whole point in general. He’s asking for Daily Missions that give rewards, that’s it.

It’s not a bad idea.


yeah hell no to those



Uh, have you considered you can simply not do the daily’s? You act like in other games just because they exist you must do them. I played WoW for 6 years and I didn’t do the dailys for that reason it felt like a chore. Other people did them, some it was a chore others liked them, but the whole point is just because they exist don’t me YOU have to do them, good god.

You even play Conan Exiles? What isn’t a grind here? That’s all this game is.

You just put the term “Daily’s” and people freak out. The game already has this, it’s called Merchant NPC’s (Bring me 5 gold and I’ll give you 1 Elephant Hide).
That can be changed to bring me Godbreaker Boots and I’ll give you a buff for 5 hours.

It’s the same thing, but what Funcom needs to realize is these NPC’s Aren’t really used, so there is an option to make them better, or just remove them.

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because it’s not another wow simulator,
wanna classic mmo go play classic mmo, plenty out there


My Idea for a daily would be once per-day you get a rescue mission to “save” a NPC that would normally be a thrall, the reward for doing it successfully would be a random “thrall” you didn’t need to bonk on the head and break on the wheel.

It could be a two birds with one stone kind of thing, a daily and a way to get thralls without the wheel,
or the buying one from the pirates method.

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Yup, because that’s exactly what this game needs is to lose more people, Good suggestion.

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No thanks…

No World Hp Scaling… No to Dailies, Weeklies, …Monthlies…

So sick of this type of stuff sneaking into games when large chunk of fanbase is against it. And Always Devs are like you’ll like it, try it… we saw how others did it, and will do better…blah blah blah blah…

Good game content will get me log in… not repeated dalies that make me feel bad for missing a day of play cause of real life…

Also…OCD sucks. and its nerve racking.


my opinion: no thx. the whole ‘daily’ or ‘quest’ topic feels out of place for me in a survival game. a journey as some kind of tutorial is ok, but please no quests and especially not as dailies or weeklies. that’s not a mmo. invest the development time into more survival related content. and again: my opinion


To the naysayers y’all just want a flat out boring game. Droch-aon just made a great point. Every time someone comes up with a great idea in these forums y’all squash them out too fast. The game needs more spice.

Look call the concept name whatever you wish. Funcom or modders should come up with more stuff to stop the game from being boring. We need more content instead of Isle of Siptah. I’ve never played it yet but I’ve seen the trailer. We need more spice added to the game regardless of how your negative opinions influence other readers of this thread. Pippi server and some of those well known mods are fine and great BUT we need more stuff.

We need “natural disasters” like insect swarms, bush fire, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, large scale avalanches, stuff like thrall thieves, thrall kidnappers, some kind of reward system, a better stealth system, have some Npc who’s powerful and owns a huge castle that you can go in and steal his stuff risking not being caught (excluding The Black Keep,) more Npc’s with voice acting that will plot against you. Stuff of that nature.

Something man. The stuff that we already got including the mods have already got boring quick.

Good idea to some, bad idea to others… fun of the world is not everyone conforms to same idea.

As for “Quests” I wouldnt mind going to Speimuraurururuururu (or however its spelt) And beind told to fetch a guy/gals relic or something and be giving directions on a note to get it.

I very much loved Thorger (Again I forget spelling) that was added. (which requries you to nab 3 parts to get a smithing plan) I remember patch notes or stream on it… and month ago I happen to finally find it. So Happy.

Alot of “suggestions” get alot of likes, and don’t get shot down… do any of them make it in game?
No really…

You can say there negitive… but to them, me … We don’t want that… The game needs new love YES. But Dalies and Monthlies and Weeklies are not answer. They NEVER were. Oh yays, time to collect 100 hide and hand it again…
Oh whats today. OH same dman daliy buff and debuff and super mutants…AGAIN.

But ya, Working Stealth Mechanic would be nice. Some New Weather effects Snow Storm etc.
There been plently of great idea put on suggestions, with alot of likes.
hell, Horse was heavy on requested side, and had alot of dislike and hate from one crowd to.

Look at all “new map” threads filled with “fix bugs instead comments” (or any thread…) lol

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those dailies and other crappy grind is the reason I don’t play SWTOR any longer, even compelling story (I never finished) and cool voiced dialogues were not enough for me to put up with those, so again: hell no

as for more (working) purge type and/or similar event content ideas, sure but do not copycat from the worse out there

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No Dailies? Fair enough. Something’s still gotta give. We need to keep pushing this game in terms of story telling and some kind of side quests. I mean MORE side quests.

Daily challenges would be great. Even better would be seasonal reward systems like in Diablo 3.

It is mind blowing to me that Funcom has not taken the game to the next level. After being out for some time now, we can see what the game is capable of with all the talented modders in the community. Why has the vanilla game not progressed into what it really could be?

For a simple example. The merchants at Castaways camp on Siptah are so lazy and boring. I can create something far more interesting and engaging with a Pippi script in minutes…

Yea it is. Daily quests like this are gross. My opinion.

This. Scheduled play mechanics like these are what most games do to keep players hooked when their core-gameplay loop isn’t fun enough. Fix the gameplay loop, don’t add skinner boxes.

Fair enough…but not having quests stories that would be short stories in your CONAN LORE seems off to me.

We can have both. A survival (lol if you want to call the easy grind survival in CE) and some fun directives that drive people to do things they normally don’t, thus experiencing more of the game than their current hamster wheel styles.