Swungle Pirate Ship 10x the risk- little reward

After trying to get experience and thralls off the new Pirate Ship area I am very disappointed. This place was featured in a dev stream for the swungle and it looked amazing. Unfortunately, it is very dangerous if you like to dodge (I haven’t dodged off a high cliff… yet…) Knocked out thralls can fall into the bay where you can’t retrieve them. After looking for a good ten hours the only named I’ve found was the captain.

Please take a look at this place, it is beautiful but so worthless from an xp and thrall standpoint.

thralls falling off?
are they falling off when you drag them or when you first knock them off
if the latter then make sure you kite them away from the edge before you hit them.
in fact you should always kite things away from the edge or you might have to chase after the body when you loot it

Really? The whole point IS that it is not an easy area. In fact none of the map is as east as it has been in the Early Access.

…and… What level are you playing at with what weapons? The Swungle is designed for lvl 20-30 and I would say 30 is a min and even then yer gunna get yer butt kicked.

If a Thrall falls off where you knock it out, errr don’t knock it out where it can fall off the cliff… seesm simple enough to me… Freya does that… stand right next to a cliff edge… you hjave to lure her away form it so when you knock her out she remains accessable…

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