The new Burmuda Triangle

A funny thing happened to me on the way to get thralls. I went for thralls and with my luck they fell off a cliff so had to go down around to get him. I go around at the place he fell and he is nowhere to be found. Been hapenning a lot lately so I am calling it the Conan Exiles Bermuda Triangle. hehe I know he could have fallen underground but the last one yesterday I looked at him down on the ground for a few minutes and he was there in plain sight. So I go around and what he’s not there anymore. Twice the same name thrall archer got away from me. Finally today I got another chance and this time made sure he stayed away from the edge and I finally got him. So I said to the Bermuda Triangle not today you are not getting him.

So guys get your thralls to stay away from edges or the Bermuna Triangle will get him.

Tks guys for reading my stupid but real story. hehe


Quite often, when I KO a human NPC and they fall off a cliff, when I go looking for them at the bottom, they’re nowhere to be found, and when I climb back up, they’re there. So sometimes, despite how it seems, unconscious thralls don’t actually fall over the edge.

I did notice once the full body was over the cliff down but one foot was still on top lol and I was able to loot him from his foot.

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