Tablet of Power- Moving to Personal Crafting, Not Crafting Station Question

Reading the Testlive Patch (15.06.2019) notes and seen:

Will the cost to create this tablet, now that it’ll be crafted from you own inventory (not from a crafting station with Thrall), be 5 fragments of power or has the cost been reduced?

Or…will it still be available to be crafted from the crafting station with thrall at a reduced cost in addition to being able to create it off station on you own?

Just curious if it’ll be treated like making twine that cost 3 fiber/ twine if made on your own or if made at the crafting station with thrall only cost 1 fiber/twine.

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If I was to guess, the decision to move the tablet of power to being self crafted is an easy fix for the cost reduction that a Named thrall provides. I don’t believe it was ever intended to be cheaper to craft them at a station. You already receive 10 addition feat points compared to the cost. 5 fragments for 60 feat points. It shouldn’t be 2 fragments for 60 feat points.


Checked this is single player and the cost is 5 fragments to make it yourself and the recipe is not available at an artisan table, either armorer’s bench or a blacksmith bench.

Looks like it’s 5 fragments or no tablet.

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Hi Raeil,

Can you look at the cauldron for the recipe, that’s where you’d make it now if you don’t make it yourself.

Checked both the old and the improved firebowl cauldrons and the recipe doesn’t show up in either one.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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