Tactics for Levelling Instances

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The basic rules of tank-and-spank are keeping aggression on the boss and DPS killing the additional monsters as soon as they appear. Also, if a long spell is cast by the boss (slower than 1 second), it is probably an AoE that DPS and healers have to avoid by running away for 3-5 meters or breaking the line of sight.

The typical group setup is:
1 main tank,
1 offtank,
1 healer, and
3 DPS classes (or random classes).

An offtank can be geared slightly less, feated with fewer general points, or be lower on the level.

You never need 2 healers, but if a healer wants to come as a random, invite him.

Making the group setup as 1 tank and 2 healers is not recommended for beginners and will lead to massive wipe-outs.

Make sure that all members stay within the range of 7 levels, and are not too high for the encounter. The character with the highest level should use the “apprenticeship” ability on all other members. Those who were “taught” have to rebuff. If they run out of the instance, they have to rebuff.

Download voice chat for good coordination and entertainment. The best chat programs are TeamSpeak 3, Discord, Ventrilo, and Mumble.

1. Black Castle (level 27 - the 1st quest, 28 - all quests):
basic rules. The instance has a chain quest at 28 started by three NPCs in the Khopshepf Province.
Rewards: some rare weapons with good DPS or critical rating, totem of origins.
Main tank: level 30 or more.
Offtank: 27+

2. Sanctum of Burning Souls (37)
Be sure to go to the first boss (he’s kind of hidden if you’ve never been there) to get the chalice from the loot box after killing him. Then you can click the altar later on to spawn a different boss. Without the chalice you can’t activate that boss.

When you walk through the big main hall area, let the Nemedians run towards the robed guys (forget who they are) so they attack each other instead of you. Go left for the boss that requires the chalice. Go right to continue through the instance.

No special tricks and spells for any of the bosses, pretty straight forward encounters from what I remember.

Rewards: totem of origins; dropped: blue helm, chest, legs, rings, and weapons in this instance.
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3. Cradle of Decay (40)
The boss with hearts requires two DPS classes assigned to click the hearts simultaneously. After you click them, the boss will be vulnerable.

3a. Frost Swamp (40, scaling)
basic rules.

3b. Imrian Ravine (40, scaling)
basic rules.

3c. Oasis of Zaara (40, scaling)
basic rules.

4. Toirdealbach’s Tomb (45-47?)
The first boss may appear at one of two spots inside the instance. One possible spot is to the right from the entrance. The other to the left and straight. It gives you an achievement.
The mage boss before Toirdealbach has to be kited around the pillar. You do not even need tanks for that. Make sure you interrupt the effect of slow-casting spells by breaking the line of sight.
Toirdealbach can be kited along the wall by any class. No tanks are needed in the fight. While one kites her, others should DPS her, and if the aggression switches, kite along the wall like the previous person. Run out on poison spells from her and DPS all additional monsters that appear as quickly as possible.
Rewards: magic damage cloaks dropped from the bosses.

5. Cistern (50-61?)
Clean the room from all gargoyle-looking creatures (they are hidden). Make sure that you have a pillar around which there are no green bombs. Do not step into green bombs either! If someone does, heal him up fast. The bomber boss should be tanked in a corner of a pillar. When he teleports, everyone runs diagonally to the opposite corner of the pillar. If a fear totem is placed, all ranged DPS should take care of it while tanks (and all group) move the boss to the adjacent corner (not the opposite).
Rewards: recipes from Bomber’s table.

6. Main System (50-64?)
Dila in Main System casts an electric-damage circle on the ground (Wrath of Set spell), move out of it not to get damage.
Old Emerald can be triggered by picking up the quest in the tavern in the Noble district. You have to pick up a cadaver in the instance too.
The last boss (a three-tailed minotaur like in W2 and AoK) requires a lot of aggression switching or kiting. Just kite endlessly and DPS. You can resurrect yourself and run back too.

7. Catacombs (57-68?)
There is a conqueror boss with a lumbering hulk ability (it increases his size). Just kite and stop DPS when you see the buff running. Stay out of his range.
The assassin just teleports. Make sure tanks grab him quickly.
The HoX boss casts a long AoE spell that can be easily avoided. Check the ground to avoid his magic.
The last boss is a lady with a throne who casts a long spell.

The spell is called Death’s Void and she casts it about every two combos. It has a huge AoE range and will kill most players caught in it instantly. Also, any damage done to her, including DoT damage, while she casts this spell will heal her. You need to get her below 25% before she will stop regularly casting it before she is killable.

Rewards: The last boss drops the basic recipes for head, leg, and chest culture recipes.

8. Amphitheater of Karutonia (60, 80)
Check the UC tactics.
Rewards: a HoX sword, epic cloaks.

9. Halls of Eternal Frost (68-72?)
Check the UC tactics.

10. Iron Tower Normal Mode / 1 Hard Mode / 2 Hard Modes (75-77);
Anuki: run out on her charm spell.
Normal mode:
NM at the last but one boss: hug the boss, DPS him, and as soon as he reaches 75, 50, and 25 percent, run to the pad with color of the gem that is in your inventory. Do not exploit this fight, as it may lead to banning.
2 Hard modes [needs a lot of DPS]:
HM#1: Each member has to have a gem in his inventory at the last but one boss. At 75%, 50%, 25% you have 3 seconds to run to a pad with the color of the gem that is in your inventory.
HM#2: Keep golems separated and kill them one by one.

11. Scorpion Cave NM (71-74?):
Check the UC tactics.

12. Crow’s Nest (70-something):
Destroy barrels as fast as possible at the drunkard boss. Use fans when the last boss turns to his hearth. If any clouds escape, chase and vent them. Blue clouds drain mana; red clouds charm players.

13. Atzel’s Fortress (74-80):
Tank and spank everything. You can run out on Pestilence spells.

14. Caravan Raider Hideout (78-79?):
Check the UC tactics.

15. Xibaluku NM/HM (78?-80)
RESERVED (please post the tactics if you know them)


At level 78, you can start doing NMs or HMs in Northern Grasslands (Flame NM/HM, Vortex HM/NM, Coppice HM/NM, Pagoda HM/NM).
Always join as DPS when running a HM. Pagoda HM and Coppice HM are not recommended for levelling characters.

The best run for newbies is: Flame HM, Vortex HM, Coppice NM, and Pagoda NM.

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