Talent tool-tips please help i cant play

I just reactivated and trying to make my talent builds…

But i cant get the tool-tip popup working, so now i dont know what my talents really do.

What i mean is:

When you hover your mouse over a talent a pop up appears telling general inforamtion about the talent.

To know what exact NUMBERS and EFFECTS the talent does i used to press SHIFT+Mouse Click and now i could click the little blue text line, witch tells me the usefull information of the talent (Exact numbers, durations etc).

For some reason i cant activate this tool-tip popup with pressing shift+click. Anyone can help me ? Please i would really like to get back playing and allready subbed but im so frustrated that i cant see what my talents will EXATLY do.

I tried to reset all settings to default, did not help.

Go to settings -> menu options -> HUD -> activate “Hover Info”. This should make the spell / combo tooltips pop up again when you move your cursor above them.
If that is active you should be able to open up the mini window by pressing shift + left click.
Also, if that still does not work you can right click on an icon and then click on “show info” in the dropdown menu. This opens up the same window as shift + left click normally does.

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i wouldn’t know how to solve ur problem, all i can tell is that shift-click works for me so i hope u will find the setting soon.

this online featplanner is nice to make up builds http://joharaoc.eu/feat?link=v18_bs

on some talents it adds extra information you dont see in the game (and vice versa)

good luck <3

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Thanks for reply, this would solve my problem, but unfortunately i dont get “Show info” menu or any dropdown menu if i right click. What a bummer :frowning:

Thanks for youre time and reply.

This site may work as an workaround solution untill i get them to work in game, much appreciated.

In the Settings (F10) go to Interface Options .
There are 2 (!) tabs (First is tab Basic the other is HUD) where you will find a header called “Hotbar Functionality” . Make sure that on both tabs the option Show Hoverinfo :white_check_mark: is activated

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Sorry, I made a mistake, you need to press shift while right clicking to open up the dropdown menu.
Try that out, I hope that works.

Both of these allready had the option activated , i treid turning them off -->reload ui–>turn them on–>reloadui. No success :(.

But thanks for succestion.

Ahh my dear Sir or Sirette , this has solved my problem!

While pressing shift+right click talent–> I get the detailed window.

Thanks for all for taking the time to help me out. Im scouting the “State of the game” for me & my wife and we may both return to AOC.

I hop this thread helps some other guy trying to figure out this.

How disapointing, this “Show info” method works only on abilities (in hotbar or skillbook) But does not work on skill tree , newer the less it helps me out with the website and can start making my builds.

I bought this game as preorder and played for years from launch. My biggest gripe when quitting was the fact that Funcom devs stated the abilities and their effects un clearly.


Talent (made this up) “Healing Strike”


“Healing strike gives a MODERATE heal”

How it works in game:

Heals you and everyone in a cone in front of you for xx points, heals 50% more if target is under 50% health.

So these vague non informational tooltips without EXACT numbers and functions and minding the costly ever rising respec fee made it testing builds and tactics really frustrating, and resulted me quitting the game. Even made mayny (5) salty forum posts on old forums over the months before quitting.

Im sad to notice Funcom still has problems getting players know what talents/skill exactly does without 3rd party website. Skills/talents are after all the mechanic that makes youre character behave like they do, its the core mechanic.

http://joharaoc.eu/feat This website has more details in some skills (more direct numbers and so on) if that is what you are looking for.

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