Talking about legendary tools

While we have even legendary thrall tool, why don’t we get the ultimate legendary pickaxe that is even superior than the combination of obsidian pick and obsidian hatchet? It can be for rich who can make bunch of legendary repair kits or am I gone too far?

legendary thrall tool you mean t4 / named crafting thralls? or Im missing something?

Imo there is no wiki or anything far from complete with this games info, which is a shame…

It’s mace called ‘lovetap’

There are people who work on the Wiki and other guides, but we’re just waiting for the game to be complete before we update them.

Legendary tools would be really interesting. An axe that gives extra bark, or a pick that gives more gold.

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Remember there is the weapons / tools upgrades also, and they work nicely. Although I haven’t found a buff specific for my shield yet.

You can still upgrade shield by using durability increase.

But tool upgrading for even highest tier tools such as obsidian pick or hatchet doesn’t look enough for me.

Thanks AhBabay, I will have to look for that durability increase.