Tar pits, crazy traps and sorcery dolls

Our explosive list is short. Lets add traps in explosive. Spinning blade traps,sharp darts, poison dart traps and oil Jugs (to spread fires). The tar pit is a PVP tier 2 defense. Enemies fall in and drown in tar or you throw a Demon- fire orb and they burn. At the end of the tar pit a box. To collect all players inventory whom died in the pit. A corruption pit is a tier 1 building trap. You gain corruption in the pit.

Sorcery Dolls are trap you used. You create a Sorcery to store corruption. The doll can be place down. Sorcery Dolls takes corruption from a Sorcery user and everyone in the room. The doll can be used as an explosive the more corruption the stronger the damage and radius. The advance dolls can also be passive equip. Keep your advance dolls in inventory. Have it collect corruption in corrupt places. Advanced Sorcery Dolls can poison players with deadly gases. The master dolls can be used as a decoy. Each master Sorcery Doll looks like the player who craft them. The master doll can be loaded up with needle traps and orbs.

Sorcery Doll are tools of Sorcery users. Basic and avanced dolls use materials. Master doll is consider unholy. Two Human legs,2 human arms,1 skull, human flesh ,bones,demon blood and bat skin is just a few of the basics for the master doll. Basic dolls can spit oil on the ground or at enemies. Anything basic can do an advanced doll does it better. Master dolls do anything all dolls do but better.

1 master doll per player. The master doll can wear armor and use weapons. All dolls can be use emotes you have learn. So you can make spank explosive dolls. Or a polite clapping explosive doll.

Dolls are a tool. They need corruption. Every time they move they use corruption. Every attack corruption.

All explosive dolls are destroyed upon explosion. All other dolls leave behind a body. Better to destroy those dead doll that aren’t a master doll. Basic dolls and avanced dolls cost double what it takes to create 1 of those dolls. Master dolls requires alot to build one. Replacement of a limb or head that is destroy requires a severed limb or skull with demon blood and human flesh. Or you can have a graveyard of dolls.


I like the idea of traps you can place inside your base that can reset themselves to give you some more passive defense definitely need more of them.

Just sorcery from a player point would be awesome. That doll idea is pretty indepth, Bryan. Unfortunately that translates into a huge patch and months of testing before implementation. Great idea though. Traps, poison, pits large and small, defending animals (think black bears roaming outside your base or…dragons?), etc. This title could be something extraordinary IF the work was put in. Only time will tell.

The dolls are after the release of sorcery. Once sorcery here then it will be ok to add them whenever.

Drowned by tar. Now that’s a barbarian trap.

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I forgot spike traps.

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not a fan of the dolls, but the tar pit and spinning blades are a great idea

The dolls are a sorcery tool. Basic doll hp is 200. Elite dolls are 400. Master doll is 700. All dolls can pose or use emotes. A Master doll has to be zero hp before you can strike at it’s limbs. Head,arms and legs can be destroyed each with 300 hp of there own.

oh you mean like life size decoys?

Each doll weakens the sorcery user. They drain corruption. Corruption is a sorcery user stat. It empowers them. Dolls are tools. Decoys and traps. Basic dolls are used as bombs. Elite dolls are used orb users and spitfireting dart traps. Basics are very fast. They can be use as oil spitters and set ups for a bigger trap. Basic and elite dolls are another way to remove corruption. This is how most none sorcery users will use them.

The Master doll is special. It looks like it creator. You can equip a master doll with weapons and armor. The master doll is a true decoy/trap/fighter. It an offensive trap.

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oh true, didnt know corruption was for sorcery, cant wait for it to hit consoles

Corruption was stated to be sorcery main stat. It might change later on. I want corruption to be useful.

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Spike traps, like the ones that used to be in the Black Keep, should be craftable and placeable along walls and floors.

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Also bone traps. To capture live prey.

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I see traps being used as water hazards. Trying to swim near my base. Spike trap.

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I’m actually surprised there aren’t more base centered defenses like Traps, pitfalls, ect. These are great ideas, Funcom needs to take note.


Reason I post this idea. We lack traps. I’m tired of pesty wild life near my base.

I’m surprise my idea only got a few people responding.

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I talk about traps and I get few people. Someone else talk about traps and its full of people. Can this topic get the love it deserves.

A tripping hazard or rope traps. Secret doors. Or a teleport trap. Magical traps slowing down your movements or giving you a relevant penalty for a special amount of time.