Puppets and traps

I would like a new tools in Conan Exiles. Puppets/doll and traps are new items a player can create and repair. Puppets/Dolls and traps come in 3 sizes. Small, medium and Large are the sizes. Each person has a max point limit of 20. Small is 1 point, medium is 2 points and large is 3 points. Dolls/puppets are controlled by sorcerery. Small puppets/dolls have 500 health 250 armor, medium puppets/dolls have 1000 health and 350 armor and large puppets/dolls have 1500 health and 500 armor. Puppets/dolls and traps can be repaired. Traps are used to destroy your enemies or disable them.

Special Puppets/Doll:

Corpse doll requires player be 50% corrupt all the time. Can’t function on none 50% corruption player. Requires 5 points as well.

Corpse doll copies players stats and perks. Have to equip gear on them. Has 3000 hp. Lots of work to make. New tools to extract limbs and heads.

Requires 206 bones, human head,two human legs,two human arms,50 human flesh,10 soul essence,10 blood in flask and lots of demon blood. You chose what the puppet looks like.

Harden shell: Defensive puppet. Made from harden steel and other stuff. Health 5000 and 750 armor. The harden shell is repairable. Cost 5 points. The harden shell is mostly a defensive puppet. It’s a puppet that the player can hide in. It also has a built-in improve furnace and puppet repair station.

Repair Dolls are small doll that repair damage/used traps and puppets/doll.

The spider: Same stats as Harden shell. The spider puppet is made to knock out thralls or collect baby animals. Inventory slots 25. Cost 5 points. The spider puppet can drag 5 thralls to the players base.

Fake player trap. metal trap that mocks it’s user appearance. Then explosion is set off doing massive damage to players, thralls,pets and corpse dolls.

Small puppets/dolls are fast but has weak damage. Medium puppets/dolls have average speed and do medium damage. Large puppets do large damage but lacks speed.

Traps also have points too. Since both puppets/dolls come in small ,medium and large. Traps come in small,medium and large. Bigger the trap the larger and more things /damage the trap can do.

Explosive traps are great at destroying Players, Thralls,pets and puppets/dolls.

There are thrown traps that does damage/other effects.

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