Teleporting to heaven

when we play in coop it always happens that we start high in the clouds. The coop player then crashes, while the player who started the game remains at the firnament for about 2 to 3 minutes, before he then appears on the ground. This is annoying. Do you know a solution for this problem

“always happens”?

Where is your base located? Or more specifically, where do you log out from?

It may be a lag or bandwith issue.

Before the client has all the landscape loaded, your character seems to stand in the sky.

When I run the game with a server and a client on the same PC, it always takes a second or so for the landscape to load, especially player generated buildings. Maybe that’s the issue here, too.

If that doesn’t change within a second or so, I’d say that there’s a connection problem or that the PC running the coop game cannot handle the game for other reasons.

Maybe try setting up a private server.

That would be my first guess.

Honestly it reminds me of the time I spent poking around in Second Life way back when that was a big thing. Never really got into it, but it was interesting to explore. Anyway, you’d frequently find yourself floating in a void when hopping between heavily populated or object dense locations because you had to wait for all that info to download before it could be rendered. Which means that if your connection wasn’t so good for whatever reason, you could be stuck there for a good five minutes or so.

There’s probably something similar going on here. The host just isn’t feeding data to the client fast enough. Still, it’s only an educated guess.

Thanks for You feedback! We will play our Coop-session again on Friday. I will put the saved game on a much stronger PC beforehand. Bandwith should not be the problem.

Good luck! Let us here how it works out.

If that doesn’t help, setting up a private server may help. That can be done on the same PC running the game. Took a while to understand that, but now works perfectly on my rig. Happy to help out if that’s needed.

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