Telith's island

But this is not really confirmed.

Explain this on steam then
These are achivements that are “hidden” on steam but names can be visible if u open them with achivement manager :relaxed:

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:white_check_mark: Clarified. Feel free to let me know if you find anything else. :catnobanana:

@NeoTheMatrix They were looking for an official statement, such as those mentioned on the wiki.
(The references were already present, but the fact it was confirmed prior to giving a release ETA not written down)

Anyone can contribute to the wiki (preferably registered so we can stay in touch about your contributions). I’m currently the only contributor for this page.

Sure, if i can help i will do it. :blush:
I hope a Map DLC comes this year.
I love that game,. :heart_eyes:

LOL I’ve never heard anything demonic or whispering discovering Imi’s cradle, I do not even even found any ghost in Telith’s island.
Bugged content? What a new! :slight_smile:

Yes, when you stand on flower patch you can hear some whispers that are just gibberish. Never seen any spirit of Thelith either…

During Beta, there was a Ghost, It has since been removed or missing for almost 2+ years.

There a small cluster of flowers, which is trigger point of Journey Step. Were she uses to pop up. (several of Ghost no longer work. Many of them relate to issue from long long ago, or simple went missing several updates back and havnt been brought back above ground or put back in place)
There is a list I made few months back of which ones are missing, or not appearing correctly.

Its pretty low priority it seems to get them back up.


I see. I wish they added them back in. Game needs any lore/story elements it can get.


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