Temperature change causing death while offline

Temperature change causing death while offline.
I have a suggestion for this, beds should give 3 bars heat and cold protection. How I think this should work is rather simple.

Fiber sleeping mat ---- one bar heat and cold protection
Hide bed roll ------------ one bar heat and two bars cold protection
And Bed ------------------two bars heat and cold protection
Luxury bed--------------- Three bars heat and cold protection

Clicking on the bed/mat there should be one addition option besides destroy and pickup that option would be “Sleep” only while sleeping would the player receive the heat or cold bonus the main reason for these bonus is to just mitigate offline death due to “temperature changes”.

What inspired this was i died while offline yesterday, for the second time in one week, on an official Xbox server. I was inside my base and cause of death was listed as Temperature change, the first base is in the volcano, the second base was in the snow. This may be an Xbox issue but I can assure you that there are offline deaths due to “Temperature changes” for instance the Fireplace gets turned off during server restart is just one of many examples, and it does not take 5 furnaces either build a base in the volcano, wear 2 bar heat protection armor if you stand near one furnace and wait there a short time you will over heat and die

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The 20 vitality perk bonus does not apply to a logged out character.

Go to the location where you logged out and died and respec to < 20 Vitality. Do you get damage then?

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Are you logging out on the bed by chance?

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