Terminal D corridor always hard pauses to load something everytime you go down there

I get the freeze too. Counter issues by jumping towards the boxes

Funny thing, it didn’t freeze when I ran this mission first two times. But it does it every time now. :thinking:

Thank you for that - jumping straight up BEFORE the first laser jump worked perfectly and got the achievement!!!

I thought I was the only one experiencing the sudden freeze when jumping over the first laser tripwire. Guess it is a bug.

bump for the devs to not forget this bug …


I believe they haven’t forgotten it…a fix just was not ready for the last patch.^^ But better safe than sry.

bump to never forget !


Same thing happens to me, but I BEElieve i was able to survive my first time by some miracle. Should be on my Twitch/YouTUBE channels though.

I also did find later, while running with a friend and died to it, that later runs with same friend, if I jumped up, I’d get the Hang, then I could jump across. I and I see someone else noted that up above as well! So… i guess just consider this another bump!

weekly bump to never forget !

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You can avoid being killed if you jump over the first laser while facing the pile of crates on the left.
The game will freeze of course, but the first laser will be crossed and you’ll be far away from the deadly second laser.

up, the freeze still happens every time in Terminal D

hmm yeah forgot to bump …

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All you have to do is stop before the grid and either jump up and down or turn right and look into the room there and the freeze up is done and over with. You can then safely resume your bunnyhopping.

Just happened to me. Bumping.

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This is a persistent achievement-breaking bug, I’d like to suggest removing the tripwires at least until a proper fix can be implemented.

Wouldn’t that to need implementation? I doubt they canjust remove tripwires on the liveservers without proper patch.

True. However, I’m reasonably certain it should be easier to remove the 2 tripwires that may be mistriggered due to the freeze than to figure out what exactly is causing the freeze itself.

Still no fix? devs must be really busy for the next expansion of farmville South Africa .

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