Terrain disappears when building foundation (or other piece) removed

A side effect is you can not place building pieces where this rock is when it is not visible. Verified it was part of the mesh with a pick.

Duplicate issue: Place foundation on top of rock. Remove foundation.

Had this same issue last night at the hill with all the iron across from the tower of bats.
Will upload screen shot when able.

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Aww sh… my whole base is situated on top of a rock, sure hope it doesn’t all go poof when 3.0 land. Same location seemed okay in TestLive but still. I wonder if I should bodyvault the most valuable thralls just in case. :scream:

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This did not happen unless I picked up a foundation connected to the ground, so if you don’t do that you should be ok moving thralls HOPEFULLY!

It was fine, lost a couple of Imp. Preservation Boxes, but those were standing halfway on top of the Improved Campfire, so that’s probably what went wrong there. Mostly held gruel anyway, so no biggie.

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