Test dummy schematic + floating dmg numbers when using it

Morning everyone,

I wont make this a super long post, just wanted to suggest the release of schematic to craft the test dummies and the ability to see dmg number when hitting them.

Or maybe a combination of the mannequins and test dummies so we can test dmg with geared up test dummies just to get more accurate results.

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Yes to combat training dummies. Hard pass on floating damage numbers. It a) breaks immersion, b) that crap is in practically every other game and c) it’ll create cookie cutter meta weapon of the week builds.

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On several occasions in the past I have suggested that we be able to craft the practice dummies which the Heirs of the North in the Highlands biome have dotted around their camps. This along with several other things I was hoping to see be made available as placeables for players. No luck yet.


That box is already open with damager meter mods. Tools don’t cause the issues you are speaking of anyway, that’s a myth from overly emotional FFXIV players.

not sure why that is a problem… im not asking for the entire game to display dmg #s… just for the training dummies

again, i dont see why that is a problem or even something to argue about

@Taemien already replied to this.

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I know full well you can get mods for floating damage. Simply don’t want more clutter to track on my screen. As for the Final Fantasy comment, WoW was far far worse for cookie cutter builds. I just don’t want to deal with that shit here. It’s already seeping in with the ‘WhY yOu NoT uSe RoLLiNg ThRuSt?’ types that are slaves to meta builds.

Then clan up with better players. People shouldn’t have access to tools just because you want to clan up with the ‘cool’ peeps on your server.

As I said, I’m all for adding training dummies. If Funcom was going to add floating numbers along with it, I’d want the option to turn it off, like health bars or name plates and all the other hand holding stuff.

why are you even arguing?.. did u even read the OP properly?

…release of schematic to craft the test dummies and the ability to see dmg numbers when hitting them.

I am in agreement with @Lucidique on this one I am affraid MightyZeus. And I agree with point he raised that for me personally, it is immersion breaking, and I like to keep extraneous text on the screen to a minimum, not further bloat it. For this reason I also tend to disable the controls overlay, subtitles, the numbers on lifebars, and the journey steps now that I have completed them.

There is honestly no need for floating numbers. If a person is wondering how many hp the practice dummy has remaining: equip a repair hammer. If someone needs to know how much damage their weapon does: look in the items menu. This was one of my pet dislikes with the Borderlands games, and I do not wish to see it added into Conan Exiles. I do not want to see either characters of object spewing out numerical values. This includes the practice dummy, the archery target, any NPC, or resource nodes. It was all that held me back from hitting ‘like’ on your suggestion. A no to this from me:


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that is completely off the chart… u are using a firearm… if anything, you would get 4 diferent digits on screen per combo then u´d have to wait for the stamina to replenish… Unless ofc you start swinging like a maniac at the dummy xD

The there is proximity floating text, not like U gonna be getting numbers from the other side of the map =/

i mean… why is this idea so “game breaker” when we have crocs that cant swim, thralls that cant patrol, foes that wont attack or enemies that will telegraph their next move when in a fight.

There are sooo many weapons in game, that I can only see this as a QoL improvement.

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