Test live patch(2019/07/12) suggestion:

Test live patch(2019/07/12) suggestion:
New score system is great for co-op!

we often suffer enemy FPS’ lag or enemy too saturation attack at middle/late game. because the number of enemies are more than solo mode per wave.

co-op mode suggestions as below:

  1. change co-op mode wave number change
    modify all wave numbers to 3~8 directions ,exclude 1~2 directions.

  2. all enemy spawn can be divided into 2~4 output interval 3~5 seconds to spawn all enemy per direction wave.

3.Please change the hovel income from 5 to 8~10 gold.
It can improve the economy and reduce FPS drop(lag) as a result of spawn too many objects at middle/late game.

Hello @mars_yu_tw, thank you for your feedback!

Could you also share your system specs for reference?

OS: win7 64bits
intel i5 4670k 3.7GHz
ASUS GTX 1060 3Gb (GPU sometime can’t full speed run at late game)
Ram 16 Gb
Micron SSD 256 Gb

there will big lag happen if wave has battering ram at middle/late game. i don’t know wherther the speed of battering ram is too fast or something.when they constantlly crash my multi walls.
and my troops always can’t catch up with him

We’ll poke the developers in regards to the Battering Rams to see if their behavior is expected, thank you for sharing further feedback with us!

I cant seem to patch the test live for some reason and dont understand cmd process

I think you’re refering to switching to TestLive? It’s a seperate branch for testing:

You should create a seperate thread in the future, if your question isn’t directly related to the discussion. If you have any issues following the provided instructions, please do so :wink: