Testlive 3.0 bugs i have noticed so far

The following are bugs i have noticed thus far

  1. When a player in a clan creates custom map markers, clan members for them eventually become frozen. Deleting the ‘CharacterMapMarkerComponent.m_PlayerMarkers’ properties from the game.db table “properties” solves the bug.

  2. Sacrificial Blood can be given to yourself in the admin panel, but then cannot be dropped or in anyway removed from your inventory.

  3. Entertainers have the potential to spam the “Gaining Corruption” status effect.

  4. It is possible to corrupt more than one full bar of attributes, and doing so does not cause more than 50% corruption, but also requires you to reset your attributes as the staff will no longer do anything

  5. More feedback than a bug possibly, but… if creative mode is allowed for all players, or even forced in server settings, it is infact possible once the person exits creative mode, to pick the item back up and receive resources for it, so even without admin access, the player could just find a structure that would give them a resource, and through that would not need to spawn in anything, or even require admin. I feel like items built from creative mode should not give resources when dismantled/returned to inventory.

  6. A piece of feedback is… on structures that fully refund their building cost when returned to inventory, dismantle should just be removed if the item is not damaged, as that could lead to a loss of resources as dismantle has the old behavior of only refunding part of the cost.

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