Testlive flashbacks

Playing on live and I’m have EU testlive flash backs. Get more then 10 people on the server and the less playable the game gets.
It starts out with enemies running past you then coming back to attack.

Then they run past you a couple times before the manage to get in to attack range. This is also about the time the thralls start to screw up. They ether attack late or attack late and infrequently.

Then the teleporting starts. At first it’s not too bad but it gets to the point you can’t hit an enemy, 9/10 they are not where you are attacking. This is also about the time you start losing your thrall.

At that point you can still work at your base, build, craft, and everything except put down a thrall. Yes the notorious “must be placed” bug. The sort of work around is to get the thrall where you want them, give a 10 count, then place. But it will eventually get to where this wont work.

Eventually it gets to the point you are just rubber banding and waiting on chest/bench menus to fill.

I’m not sure at what points in the server population these things occur but I have been watching the same things happen in the same stages on the US testlive and the EU testlive servers.

Is this a bug? I don’t know, I usually avoid the official servers like the plague. But this issue makes the game less and less playable till I just have to quit for the day.

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