Testlive Hotfix (11.05.2019) - Critical fixes

What about the issue with doors/gates where you can’t open underwater and if you have multiple doors you keep opening and closing the first one. You cant look through an open door anymore you just see the door even when open.

Don’t have allot of time to test today but passage is climbable again and corpses stay and stopped flickering. Good job.

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Exactly! I mean I guess we’ll have to wait months for this one to get fixed and tbh that’s extremely frustrating and a little poor from Funcom to not even acknowledge or mention it at all here in this patch.

I mean even if they said they was working on that still but don’t have a fix yet we could at least know that but to totally leave us in the dark about it is not right.

This is so the exact same hotfix and build than the current live one. Exact ?

Can we expect a new testlive patch soon ? Just to know where do my tests, and not do all in double check. :wink:


Trying to confirm: * Fixed an issue that made a number of NPCs unavailable in the game.

Does this mean that T4 alchemists are spawning correctly once again?

They should be. Please let us know on the PC bugs and updates section if that’s not the case (this patch is now on the live version)

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Is the patch available for ps4 yet?

Ok, thanks for the confirmation, so now this and the livebuild are identical.

Good to know, and not double check all. :wink:

Yes, can confirm, did similar climbing tests in the passage.

This is working fine again for me.

Edit: settings also are working now like intended. Thanks !

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You need to fix the god bubbles to weekly or you have just killed the official servers on Xbox it’s stupid 500 thralls a day for a bubble I can’t farm I can’t do dungeons because my time is negated to thralls abd zeal it’s broken my clan and few others playing for 280 days

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Is the attribute glitch going to be fixed? Still broken on ps4… max stat characters part 2.

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Ok so ive noticed one my server 3003 EU region some of our building pieces have just gone from existence. My archer towers have been cut in half and our fully upgraded yog altar vanished and we ended up spending loads more time making it again. Please fix these issues as building the same stuff over and over again is time consuming and boring if im honest and I dont wanna leave the game as I enjoy so much when it works.

Please use this section for Testlive discussions. For PS4, please write in its designated section.

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There hasn’t been a test live patch in going on 2 weeks.

There are still loads of bugs. Is funcom throwing in the towel on fixing bugs? Are the bugs still here really so hard to fix that in 2 weeks no bugs have been dealt with enough to patch for testing? It’s been a week and there have been no fixes on Live either.

They me be focused on some PVP PVE-c exploits that are pretty much game breaking right now. This will happen when they have a major issue. Everything else gets moved back code wise. Art department probably the only ones not effected at all. Maybe the AI department, but the actual coders who hand le everything else are probably trying to figure out the right fix, where it occurred, and how it can be prevented in future patches.

If this be true, then I do hope that the art department is working on some great QoL items for us while waiting for the fixes for the game.

@Kaziklu I think not every fix needs to be tested in TestLive. I fell certain that Funcom employees do testing on their own as well.

Hey everybody,

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New Testlive patch is out!