Testlive hotfix (15.02.2018) - Crash and building fixes

Hey folks!

We have another quick little hotfix for the Testlive client to take care of some additional critical issues. We wanted to get these sorted before rolling the Testlive branch over to the PC live branch.

This patch includes some crash fixes and some building fixes



  • Fixed a server crash that would occur if you built near someone who had just died


  • Fixed an issue where buildings would split into different actors based on the distance between building pieces
  • Fixed an issue where buildings could be partially invisible and disappear in front of your eyes
  • Fixed an issue where building piece stability would not update properly
  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t receive building updates while dead. Any changes to a building that happened while you were dead would not be seen by you, unless you leave the area or relog
  • Removed an outdated feature that could prematurely add a player as an observer to a building. This could potentially cause some weird issues


  • Fixed an issue where players invited to a clan wouldn’t be able to add to a building owned by the clan. This happened specifically when inviting players to your clan, adding their buildings to your clan

Nice, thanks for the patch and the fixes !


I am playing on testlive currently, I would like to ask if you can give any update regarding the event log. You may have noticed some controversy regarding the event log is posted here and on reddit at the moment. Please let us know your plans. For me personally I would not play anymore if we keep the log, since it basically disables vast part of the PvP survival aspect.

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Pls stop with “i would not play anymore if we keep the log” i can do the same thing in the opposite direction. I would not play anymore if you remove the log.
To know what happened is the most important thing in this game. (bug / attack etc…)

there are only thieves who are afraid to fight who want to withdraw the event log.
Your actions can start a war and this what i like with event log and this is the REAL PvP survival aspect.

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At the moment we’re not planning on removing or changing the event log.


It does not make any sense for a healthy gameplay aspect such as debugging, that you can get the name AND the steam ID and the Clan of a player who destroyed a bedroll or took a fish from a trap. Its sole purpose is naming and shaming and this is outright disgusting. It inspires harassment and bullying and suffocates and vital PvP competition, because everyone is just watching their reputation.

So again, why do you want us to know the steam ID of players funcom? Do you want us to follow players on steam that we dislike?

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Ok thanks, so far I could only assume that you do not know about the negative aspects. Now I know this is fully intentional.

You should try this mod


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yeah thanks, is there any server running this?

I don’t know right now, but it’s even interesting for our server. We will observe further and then consider to take it in our modlist. (German speaking server) I think it could be good for PvP private servers

It’s odd that you wouldn’t want to know what happened to something that disappeared. Somebody takes a fish? Big deal. Somebody destroys your building or parts of it? The war is on.

If there’s a player who consistently steals and destroys, then he’s earned the constant "


I refer to in game harassment. They make themselves a target by their style of play. If they don’t want to be attacked by certain players, don’t do things to them that invites the attacks.

By the same token, out of game bullying deserves to be banned.

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gross that you say this. Somone deservers to get insults to their steam account for using a legit game mechanic?

I can not expect better judgement from the player base who is also the protagonist of these incidents, but I would expected more awareness from funcom and thus said I am sort of disappointed.

Thanks for the additional fixes. The loss of stability messages are still appearing in my event log on Testlive_US3_PVE. Thought it seems to be a little less after today’s patch.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Are they disappearing when they lose stability or staying in place?

Well it’s like this, and don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your pressing for change/options and hope one day we can abolish the Tattler. If you look in these very patch notes you will see a compelling reason for the broadcast and keeping of such detailed records. In one instance, player death was interfering with logging, leading as it always does, to the questioning of the game itself.

You and I have been around long enough to have heard dozens of cries about unfair loss of items, stability and even whole buildings. This used to plague Official chat on almost any server I’ve joined. Now at least, we can have some peace, and at the same time confidence is returned to the playerbase about the stability of the game itself.

I know about the problem of false reports of lost items due to bugs. But why would you need names for keeping that issue at bay? The info that an item was taken by a player is enough for bug tracking. Again I can’t think of another reason than ‘naming and shaming’.

Hey Jens. No they are not disappearing. Just those messages keep appearing in the event log each time the server is started. What concerns me is what if one of those foundations had a chest on it or a station, would it then cause that item to destabilize? I don’t know, and I do not know which ones are destabilizing either as I have a very big base built. That is my biggest concern with this patch moving to Live. Will this happen there and then will we lose a bunch of stuff?

Two reasons, and these are simply my observations as a player: if there is no name associated, there are no repercussions involved and thus there is no relief to a player who has been harassed or glitched into subservience. If there is no name associated, the bad actors will feel there is nothing to stop them from continuing. And to be clear as a player: I’m neither a thief nor do I like this amount of logging. As a bug-hunter and advocate for fair play, I feel it’s a temporary necessity.

EA is over. It should not be the default case to assume that players can glitch. And besides how does logging player names save you from glitches? It just serves lower motives such as mentioned above, harassing players beyong the game even.

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I keep giving you hearts because you’re staying on this and it’s awesome. Thank you.

My private TestLive server transitioned from Live to TestLive about two weeks ago. This week I went from a previous backup and loaded the TL patch, and there are no losses. I do see these stability messages every day.

It saves one from glitches because the potential glitcher knows either his or his Alt will be logged. If I’m buck naked when I log in within my volcano ice palace deep in the bowels of foundationland, I know somebody swam up through the mesh. I can then target him and find out how he’s doing it.

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