TestLive Patch (24.07.2019)

Greetings Exiles! We got a small testlive update for you today. Mainly being your character will no longer wake up in a cold sweat thinking they’re late for school. You graduated 14 years ago, silly barbarian. Anyway, here are the notes:

Patch Notes

  • [Exploit] Altered combat system to make the “4th hit exploit” no longer apply the effects of a 4th hit. This means that if players still have ways to get into the broken state that allowed the exploit, it will no longer provide any advantage over playing normally. If anything, intentionally breaking your state to try to take advantage of the 4th hit exploit should now provide less damage than attacking normally.
  • Fixed a bug with emotes that allowed the emote state to be desynced between server and client.
  • Fixed a bug with emotes that would make it do a “flicker” before playing the emote when playing as a remote client. The emote should play more smoothly now.

Known Issues

  • Our QA team has so far uncovered one additional way of performing a “4th hit exploit”, but it is very limited and difficult to use in PvP. This will be resolved before this goes Live.
  • There are still ways to get the stamina glitch in this build.

Thanks for keeping at it!


@Spynosaur_Nicole any news on the next live stream or dlc… I NEED I NEED! :flushed:

Thanks for the update!


Hmm…No news on DLC but Natascha and Jens should be back next week. So maybe a stream that Thursday? But that’s likely to be a Mutant Year Zero stream. But any updates we get will be spread here and social medias as well!


:rofl: Iknow I know. I just want some jummy DLC news… Anyway, I hope the tiny home entries are going well. You can expect mine soon!


I’m also looking for the DLC information. I NEED to know what the new building material is going to look like! NEED!!!1!11!!!


Any news about fixing the dupe, full 50 attributes and undermeshing?


cool! another update! we appreciate it!

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Fix getting under or off map. Make so no foundation sticks to under map, please

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Cmon guys please fix these archers after ANY fight they walk away wasting ALL of the arrows shooting at absolutely nothing…

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Bandages fix?

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We’re aware of these bugs. This patch was primarily to get a fix out for this particular exploit and to test it the fix. No worries, more patches to come. :b


The next update will be the corrections you have described above or will have more content. It is to be creating the video to have it ready since I will be on vacation and I will not be able to create the video when it is put into operation.

Okay. Thats good. Can you DM me i have a problem you should relay to someone. It sorta breaks the game.

Still no fix for lag in offline mode on ps4?

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New patch is out!