Testlive Server is Down

That’s frustrating. I was considering doing the same for my clan, but I don’t want any additional tech issues. this is supposed to be fun!




Are we having fun yet?

public test server - US - PVE - Exiledlands now down for 16 hours. Please respond.

@Funcom @AndyB @Ignasi

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Wait, maybe we need to make a sacrifice. Volunteers?


I aint doin it . I have been killed and killed again after respawning, pushed off cliffs run down by horses had a pvper stand on my head, stand offs for hours with other players watin for bases to decay and to top it off have the server go down fightin the Warmaker. lol

I have some Ideas for involuntary volunteers But yep down something like 18 hours now… too bad we can’t be pla…er testing like we could be.

Greetings everyone and apologies for having trouble with this server.

We are currently looking into this issue and hope to resolve it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.


~Gnaws on the gameport like a rabid hyena~


Well you could give every one a season pass on testlive and 10K Croms to spend in the testlive store.
We all know the best time to test that stuff is on the live release with 50K players on trying to use them…

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5:00PM there{?} Soooooo Tuesday?

They did a Call to Arms event one time, where we needed to level to 25 to get free upcoming DLC. I think it was for stress as well as server behavior, however they were doing daily rebootskis then.

Office in east coast, US is the “server contact” for US and one EU server. Only they can call for the ole kick in the server pants.

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server is back online for anyone following this thread. :+1:


It is up and pet follower seems to be working much better then before the server went down. :+1: Also lag related issues with NPCs jumping around is not happening now either.


Bow works much better too.


But, and this is critical, are you supposed to TEST on the TEST server or is it like a Lamborghini shell with no engine, stearing, wheels, or electronics?

And, just spitballing, but to TEST, should the TEST server be reachable?

Inquiring minds, and all that.



We apologize for the instability on Testlive servers. Our team is working on providing a better service.

We’ll keep an eye on this thread and update once we hear back from the team.


Yeah, I guess. In my case I just put up the server myself. I’m not interested in dealing with a FC server - just playing with and finding bugs in, the 3.0 client they gave us.

And didn’t manage to stay up for 24 hours.
Can’t wait for this to go live :roll_eyes:

And that’s cool.

I’ve done the same thing, but not everyone has the tech skills or spare equipment. So wanting a stable, even if it’s wiped quarterly, environment is not a huge ask.

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