TestLive Update [17.09.2018]

Happy Monday Exiles Family,

We do have a few quick fixes for you on TestLive as we steer towards a more stable version of our new mechanics and addressing lingering issues as well. This will be deployed on all TestLive servers in about 30 minutes from now.

We’ve already put in Purge improvements with our previous TestLive update and more are coming. Even though there are no additional changes for this build we have more on the board for coming updates. Please let us know how the Purges feel going forward. Remember, just because your Purge Meter is full doesn’t mean you necessarily get chosen to get a Purge. It is still just a chance among all players/clans with a full Purge Meter.

We also reverted the server settings so we have each of the server types available for testing: PvP, PvE and PvE-C.

On to the fixes and improvements for this week:


  • Pets will now produce resources in the animal pens as long as they are given any food that is in their diet list - the exception to this is Rocknoses, that will only require Stone.
  • Fixed an issue with some pets (typically the alpha pets) not producing anything while in the pen
  • Dead pets will no longer magically produce a coarse set after eating from the feeding box.
  • Fixed an issue in single player where pets would disappear if you’d go too far away from them


  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would stop aggroing after a player teleported several times.
  • Pets and Thralls that get stuck will now teleport back to the location they were deployed.
  • Fixed issues with Midnight Grove bosses not spawning properly


  • Fixed an issue where after unlocking a new arrow type, the arrows wouldn’t be used up when used from the radial/quickbar


  • Brought item requirements for building the Altar of Ymir in line with the other Altars.


  • Fixed an issue where the Midnight Grove wouldn’t properly reset
  • Fixed additional issues where the player could get stuck in terrain


  • Solved an issue with password protected servers not being displayed properly
  • Fixed an issue where resetting Video settings to default wouldn’t apply changes to Windowed mode and resolution
  • Fixed an issue where the in game map would be cut off in 4:3 and 16:10 aspect ratio


  • Added SFX for looting via the inventory preview
  • Fixed an SFX issue on the difficulty screen
  • Added SFX to Reset Attribute button

We are constantly working on improving our patching process and are really thankful for your input and feedback. We do love working closely with you and thank you for the ongoing support :slight_smile:


That is good to hear.as that could mean that Ymir will be a little less grindy for many players who want to try his religion out.

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Dear lord. Have my prayers finally been answered. I avoid ymir like the plague cause of the 750 kills or so just to upgrade it!

Hurrah! PVE-C, finally! :santa:

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Ummm… You might want to check into the server settings. Both PVP servers are at x1 xp multipliers, and the US_1 server says that it is in the EU region…

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We will restart US1 to fix that serverregion, thank you for that catch :slight_smile:

PvP servers have the actual following settings:

so they are not using the actual X1 multiplier you see listed. We will look into having that better clarified in the list though :slight_smile:


Thanks for the patches and the feedback! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

An observation about PVE-C: quite a few PVE players braved the kill climate and made homes on US1. I know it would mean a lot to them if you set it to PVE-C instead of PVP. On the server, as a minority PVPer I’m willing to move instead of them. :slight_smile:


I love good people of the world and i don’t even play pvp-kinda making me change my mind that the pvp community is only 99% toxic.


FYI Dev’s,
I’m not sure if this has been caused by an passing angry Rhino, Decay or because of the update. It’s been a week since I last logged into my Testlive server, today, half the house is missing.

Looks more like an angry rhino or rhinos to me.

Damage like that looks maybe purge related. Have you checked the event log?

@Tascha You can give feedback if you are working on stuttering the game thank you

Nothing in the event log, just says Server Started, possibly the damage had been caused before the update.
Do Rhino’s ranndomly attack buildings?

I don’t mind that this has happened, just mentioned it in case others had been effected.

I dont think they randomly attack buildings. At least i’ve never had them do it unless provoked. Im about to swap back over from live to testlive and check my server to see if its all in tact.

16GB later … :zzz:

lol 16gb? i only have to download 1.8

Going from Live to Testlive today, I had to download 16GB !!.

oh dear god. hold on lemme log out of live and see

3.1 gb for me

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I’d also like to add to this:
I still have my wheel, yet the thrall is missing. It was in a sealed room.
Maybe the damage was caused whilst still in PvP mode, thrall stolen, then server restart to PvE.
Anyone else have missing workstation thralls since the patch?

I would bet on Decay, since it’s been a week. All of my benches were still in tact at the main base, and thralls in their stations.

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