Testlive Update 2.4 (06.04.2021) New Lands, Zath, Character Transfer and more! Oh my!

Honestly, I have no horse in this race. I play PVE-C, and I had good reasons to be against the inventory transfer. Then they changed things and those reasons went away. Now I’m okay with however they implement the server transfer feature.

TL;DR: I have no opinion on how PVP should work, I just like running numbers on logistics problems :wink:


May i ask what your reasons for being against the transfer of loot? And what changed your mind? Codemage the mathematic has a nice ring to it i must admit


I had one good reason why I was vehemently opposed, but that was back when the Isle of Siptah had a unique game loop for getting thralls.

The idea was that you would have to make do with lower-tier thralls until you could get T4s from the big surges. I loved the concept, even though the execution was too grindy and RNG-gated, because it made T1-T3 thralls much more useful and relevant than before. Inventory transfer was going to ruin that, because you could, for example, run around the Sinners Refuge to get your crafters and then transfer them to Siptah.

Then they abandoned that idea and my reasons for opposing inventory transfer went away.


There’s still issue of Siptah giving access to way better gear armor and weapons wise.
Add Sigils as unique buff system. And you have very possible balance issues that may arise in the future.


Less than an hour.
You can farm around 85 zeals every 15 min at summoning place. It means 340 zeals for a lone player.
If the whole team farm together (Black galleon, serpemeru, asagarth, bucaneers) you can get 605 in even less than an hour =P

One player farming summoning place + another one farming galleon can get this amount.


Hmm i never countey the mobs AT summoning place, but i am sure its far less than 85 in there , unless there is something i dont know?

маленькие паучки в алтаре Зата могут и убивают прирученных рабов когда даже не включён ПВП,
the little spiders in the altar of Zata can and do kill tamed slaves when PVP isn’t even enabled

Currently the gods are disabled on PvE and PvE-C servers. Hopefully they will have a fix for it soon.

I’m pretty sure they’re talking about Globes of Yezud. It has already been mentioned in this thread before.

It has also been reported in the PC Updates and Bugs forum. Funcom has acknowledged that bug in that report, but then they had to unlist the thread because the bug can be exploited by other players.

There’s something you don’t know… lol
When i say summoning place, you add the darfari camps around it.
You start at the summoning place and go for each camp, in 15~18 min you do all of them and the first place will be already respawned.
The same goes for the galleon. When we say black galleon, we say galleon + all the camps around it.
New Asagarth the same thing and so on.
I was farming zeal alone yesterday i can confirm that nothing has changed.
I spent 18 min, it used to be 15 min. Because of the new combat changes things got a little slower

when you say summoning place is the summoning place, it might be more clear if you say , summoning place and surrounding camps, cause summoning place is only one camp . nothign more. so it is not what i dont know it is what you say.

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вы правы я про Сферах Йезуда, игроки просто используя эту сферу с пауком за 2-3 минуты убивают любого бойца

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Я уже потерял несколько бойцов, поэтому когда я не был в играх, кто-то залез на мою базу и убил
I already lost several fighters, so when I was not in games someone climbed into my base and killed

omg… oh my god… oh my


This issue may be fixed with 2.4.2. See below for patch notes:


Thanks for mentioning this @TheLOLxd2 but the bug has not been fixed.
It refers to a specific setting of the (low) View distance and is not very important.

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Oops, yes I’m aware of this issue, sorry for responding too quickly.

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