Testlive Update 2.4 (06.04.2021) New Lands, Zath, Character Transfer and more! Oh my!

ofc not, but from pve point of view, those updates are only meant to tackle balance issues on pvp servers. I ask for balance changes to be separate on pve and pvp servers but funcom doesn’t care about that.

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We will update this section with any changes applied to the patchnotes and hotfixes released for this update.

2021/04/20 15:20 UTC

Updated line:

  • Combat Fixes

Fixed an issue with shields. Now attacking while holding the shield button results in a normal combo which is not canceled by holding the shield button.


What does this mean? I had found a Lloigor spear(last weekend) and it was working more then fine on any of the Accursed fighters.

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Just did some cursory testing with the most recent patch.

Preliminary indications using a Cimmerian Berserker seem to indicate that the Festering One legendary axe issue has been fixed. Yay!

Also the crafting issue regarding specialist recipes, the one’s that are above the regular recipes, has been fixed. I can once again craft a chain and oil. Yay!

The Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker Orb thrower still did not combo attack with The Festering One. This is an on-going issue with the Treasure Seeker Orb thrower with any weapon. I have only tested one weapon so far though.

The wights and Tomb Raiders in the dwellings at the Mound of the Dead can now attack their way past the sticking points. However, they still cannot just move past them. This observation was made before the latest patch.

Also the one skull wight boss that has one of the three pieces to unlock the Pride of the Aesir Feat can no longer be exploited by standing on the rocks by the wall and attacking it. Yay! Again I do not know when this change was implemented.

The Fragments of Power chests that held Siptah language scrolls are something that I have not seen for quite some time in the Exiled Lands now.

The color issue with clothes/armor rendering as either black or white was fixed really fast. Sometime before this latest patch and in a manner of days after being reported. I think. Yay!

Keep up the good work Funcom!


A few bugs ( Standalone Testlive / no mods ):

  • T4 Priests with a shield icon :shield: do not increase the armor value of the created clothing.

  • Flying grass :flight_departure:

    TeleportPlayer 5466.562988 263175.1875 -18841.505859
  • No water surface texture :man_playing_water_polo: (when the camera is under water everything seems ok, but when viewed from above, there is no texture)

    TeleportPlayer 86957.570313 355743.25 -20439.074219
  • Blinding :dark_sunglasses: light :high_brightness: from underwater plants (“white” missing textures)

    TeleportPlayer 87429.53125 352271.96875 -20450.677734
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We are on the right track here :wink:

now daggers and claws left ;p

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Yeah. Check out my YT channel I made a video response to fly hacks about the 2.4 and I mention alot of ideas on how to balance it along with the idea of maybe having a lancing type weapon for Foot PvP players as well. Doesn’t make sense to be able to have a 1 hit dismount for a horse but not also for a foot pvper

Finally found my 1st language scroll since the 2.3 patch. I believe. Definitely the 1st since the 2.4 patch.

Greetings Exiles,

Here’s a hotfix to address some of the issues found on the previous versions of the update.

As always, thank you for your continued support.


  • Fixed a server crash that was occurring when harvesting a player corpse and looting it’s loot bag.
  • Optimized log entries regarding NPC behavior. This should reduce the amount of spam in server logs.


  • Fixed an issue with Thunn’Ha Ally and Thunn’Ha Veteran Ally attacks that failed to reach the target.
  • Addressed a number of issues in regards to the NPC behavior override system.


  • Fixed an issue where branches and rocks on NE newlands beach couldn’t be picked up.
  • Fixed issue with the action bar memory that got erased on server restart.


  • Fixed an issue with the sails texture in the Ashen Core camp.

I’m wondering what this means: will we have a library of characters (à-la Diablo) where we can choose which character to play when we start a new game? Or does it work more like presets?

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still no thrall not performing combos fix? if u give 2h weapon to thrall that you claimed with 1h weapon he wont attack with combos, will only use single attack!

hmm I think in the patch notes they said it fixed it with 2.4?

So, one thing I recently noticed with update 2.4, is that now when I kill a rhino, it doesn’t launch into the air anymore. It just falls over.

Funcom, I…I just don’t know how you could betray me like this.


Good riddance. This was one of the most annoying things for me in the game. (if it is actually fixed, didn’t test yet)

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What’s it like to hate fun?


Farm savanna (area around Swagger Rock) multiple hours per day and you will understand why.

i read all fixes but maybe i missed something. I talking about fighters, even they were bugged, even t4 ones.

also i want to ask - will developers add anisotropic filtration x16 to the game settings? And will they add TXAA as option to addition to the game AA? Right now both of this settings works well, if you modify game ini files, so there will be not much problems with adding them to the game.

Testlive looks good. (after you fixed the issue with the double attack after roll)

A big thank you Funcom @Community for fixing all these exploits that rose up with animation canceling and sprint attacks!

Also big thanks to @Narelle for collecting Feedback from me and other PvP players and sending it to Funcom to fix all these combat related issues.


Yeah, I’ve been playing this game since Early Access, and I’ve killed a lot of rhinos…still funny to see them fly through the air.