Testlive Update 2.4 (06.04.2021) New Lands, Zath, Character Transfer and more! Oh my!

Hell yeah baby! High five!


Can we please consider revising this change? It is clear that the majority of the playerbase disagrees with it.


group of vocal forum users, hardly accounts for entire playerbase


I didnt say ‘entire’, I said majority. Nice strawman.


Could anyone tell me where is this guy?

You can find him in the exiled Lands at I4. Be carefull, there are a lot of spiders

Ellos numca han dicho que estan en certification desde hace 8 meses. Aparentemente habian alginas dificultades tecnicas que tuvieron qie sea sorteadas, dificultades inerentes a las consolas, limitantes propias De estaa, Segun yo estan tratando de certificar desde mediados de mes pasado. Pero supongo que hubo algun problema de certificacion. Y lo tuvieron que volver a presentar (eao es la sospecha)

Con todo respeto ese comentario refleja envidia. Que querias ? que todo se detenga Porque sony y microsoft no han aprobado El update?

No Debe de tardar mucho en llegar.

it’s an announcement every time they launch a patch they provide patch notes. This is testlive, people here is communicating with then to help fix issues you and your console player friends will never have to deal with. Be thankful.

Obviously funcom communicates and takes note of problems so devs fix it. Again pc users deal with problems you will never have to deal with because people in test live is testing stuff.

They already said the patch is at certification process. What else do you want them to say? If they had to resubmit, that is something they or anyone else will never announce.

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Siptah eata en beta, early access, no esta lanpzado aun. Esta limitantes la puso sony y microsoft , vaya usted a reclamarles a ellos no es culpa de funcom.

2.4 es practicamente siptah con mejoras para exiles lands. Siptah no esta lanpzado aun.

Y si se agradecido ocn la gente aca que esta probando y I sent if I can do problemas de forma gratuita. Ponienso au tienpo para mejorar ek juego para todos.

que parte de siptah eata en beta y no lanpzado no entiendes?

So es envdioso venir aca a decir que en pc si y yo no. Esto es testlive no es un foro para qiejarse De esas cosas, toma tus quejas Las Cuales tienes razon de tenerla (tiempo de esperas) y Llevalas Al.lugar correcto, hay foros para eso.

Please, keep the feedback on this thread about the Testlive 2.4 build.

There’s already a few topics where to discuss the 2.3 update for consoles, including the ones where we’re posting any updates we can share about the situation. We’ll link them below:

Thank you for helping us gather feedback for 2.4 more efficiently.

Edit: Fixed typo.


Added the following missing lines to the patch notes:


innecesario, solo estas alimentando el conflicto.

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@Hugo and @Ignasi - I didn’t see it listed in the patch notes, so I’ll ask here: has the issue of ‘NPCs not spawning in large camps on the main Isle of Siptah in single player mode’ been addressed?

PLEASE be true in EL as well! So sad when a thrall or beast collapses in water and cannot be looted.

:metal: :grin:

Thank you, guys! That’s awesome!


I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing that thread anymore. I went back to look at it now, and it took me awhile, but there are a few posts that mention certain exploits, but it’s less than a handful of posts in a thread of 148 total. They could’ve just nuked those particular posts… Oh, well :man_shrugging:

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I just got a pak corrupted for testlive, verified and downloaded an additional 4.52GB. I Do not use Mods for testlive, might know what has caused the pak error?

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WE ARE FREE BOIS. Literally the best change of the patch