Testlive Update 2.4 (06.04.2021) New Lands, Zath, Character Transfer and more! Oh my!

Awesome to everything!

totally a missed opportunity again, for just a splattering of small free standing islands off to the corner, any corner, for RP players to build on. So much water area that could have tiny isles far enough apart to have to swim to [& use endurance], small enough to not need NPC content, or even fauna, but big enough for a small RP house or build. there’s a few worth looking at on the map as is, but seems like there could have been a lot more. most of the existing ones on the map are just sandbars and you can run to through puddles to get to.

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" * Increased base damage of bows. This change varies depending on the type of bow, with the Rach of the Red Mother having received the most significant increase."

are u serios FUNCOM??? do u think that +2 dmg for RED MOTHER BOW is ok compaired to -20% pen??? WHY??? just WHY???

all other bows just have ~ -10% pen and +1 dmg?? almost nobody use BOWS in pvp and u just FINALLY KILL those few archers in conan???

and this is when LIGHT armor have 70% dmg reduction???

HELLO FUNCOM u need to BUFF ARCHERS NOT NERF where is ur brain??? just delete bows from game if u hate it so much


@Dakhma, it should be unnerfed AND all other religions should be beefed. There should be way more reasons and content to religions. There should be religiou NPC’s besides priests, like a different version of an entertainer that can heal, or a different version of a fighter that gets a bonus for religious weapons. they all should have buffing items on par with mitra’s. heck even two or three things to craft.


Hello @Ignasi ,

Thanks for the detailed update info - was a good and thorough read.

I’d like to ask a few questions, if possible:

  1. Seeing the new religion being added, are there any further plans on expanding the gods pantheon of Conan Exiles, i.e. - by adding those more appropriate for the eastern nations like Yamatai or Khitan?

  2. Will the two new factions being added to Siptah contain potential thrall-candidates, or will those be only NPC monsters/adversaries?

  3. With the Khitai and Yamatai races currently being not in the potential spawn rooster of any faction, are there any plans of actually bringing them in flesh into any of the Conan:Exiles lands?

  4. With last year’s joining of Funcom into the Tencent group, any chance of actually revisiting the oldest (Khitan) DLC pack, and having some actual full-sized dragon statues, to decorate our gardens or buildings? What about more “curved” roofs, for our pagodas to look more “eastern”?

  5. With the Stygians being now more prominently represented by Prince Kraxus & co - any plans for a Stygian-themed DLC?

  6. While there are mods available for that, how probable would it be, for the inhabitants of the official (and “purist” types of) servers, to see a cosmetic “appearance tab” being added - thus spliting the way we want to look from how effective we are when not showing up in that Silent Legion set?
    Would a simple “mask-like” approach for “visuals only” be preferable, or would the team prefere to - in example - have the attribute bonuses added during crafting, as a separate item customization mechanic (and thus potentially giving the players even more grin…I mean, content to enjoy!)…?

  7. With the changes to stability, would it finally be possible to have the pillars take upon the stability of whatever piece they make contact with - no matter if they’re in the center, or not? Currently pillars placed in (for example) corners, even just for aesthetic purpouse - seem to disappear, due to not being stable enough (despite showing 100 stability).
    The only workaround present (lenghtening the pillar into the ground) makes it impossible to use foundations, as those don’t seem to “transit” the ground stability of 100 to the pillar. Would it be possible to somehow address that, so we can actually have feasible builds that don’t disappear on server reset?

I hope that my questions won’t be seen as being “out of the line” - or off-topic. :wink:

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First impressions

To being with, I’m really happy the nights are a bit darker in Siptah, its a very welcomed change.
The new land masses are neat but they do feel very clustered in the same location. They could’ve been separated further or placed in different sides of the main island.
The flood lands are aesthetically nice but feel very small compared to the other two new landmasses. You did promise more real state to build and there are many flat spots in the flood lands but it feels limited to that area only.
The new npcs are neat, it adds new flavor to the dlc. It feels like exploring the unnamed city or well of skelos all over again.
To wrap it up, I just wanna add a few suggestions: If possible for the future, make the landmasses a bit more spread out, as of now it feels like they were just plastered all together. Add more build able areas in the other landmasses, to add more variety. The more bio mes the more variety.
Aside from that, I can’t wait to fully delve into these new lands and explore them. Great job Funcom.
Ps: deeper caves to build in please.

I agree with you, religions used to be more meaningful when the game came out. They either keep it as it is with the nerf, or revamp them to add more utility to them.


There are already so many body vaulters on official servers with 1000’s of dragon powders and duplicated weapons. Keeping items is a horrible idea :confused:

Is it going to be a limited use thing, or have a cooldown? Or how will this work. Cause if im getting raided ill just loot everything and take it to another server lmao

Yes!! i love youuu!!!

Pizza confirmed for Siptah!!!

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Could be worse. They could fill the game with the Tim Allen grunts.

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thanks for the update appreciate all the new stuff the team is adding
here is a video that I put together just a quick look around but so far looks really good
https://youtu.be/QjFm9cD1rK4 thx ZfreeZone

From unofficial to official would be stupid, especially if you keep items in your inventory (which is a stupid idea anyway). People would just farm on crazy modded rates and take all the loot back to an official server.


you are mad over consoles, and is understandable but remember that the game is created on unreal engine which runs better on pc. They need to get it all sorted out so when it comes for you guys, its fully functional. Don’t blame Funcom for Sony’s and Microsoft’s rules over updates and patches. They are the restrictive ones.

The forced heavy armor meta just keeps growing…


“Swimming does not drain stamina” This is potentially the best change in this patch. I suppose it means I can now go swimming to collect clams, gold, vines and other goodies underwater without looking through toilet water. This means the entire Dagon dungeon just got a massive and beautiful upgrade. (It will no longer looks like crap!). This really is a great, great change. I don’t mind if using tools underwater drains stamina. That’s fine, makes sense. But just treading water and floating around, things should stay fun to look at. This should address that issue completely. THANK YOU to whichever dev came up with this simple, and elegant solution. Hope you all had a great Easter.


Are these bosses the ones that used to spawn within the maelstrom? If not, please add some dragons between these bosses. Currently there is a shortage of dragonbones on Siptah.

There is dragons on the new land


OK, I played for an hour and some, teleporting around and spawning stuff with admin powers. Here is the rundown:

  • The new lighting and biomes look PHENOMENAL. You guys really outside yourselves with this. The ashlands look hell on earth, and the structures of the Grey Ones are awesome.
  • New armor and weapons look sick. I’m amazed at just how much content you churned out since the reboot of Siptah.
  • The new religion looks great, however, it doesn’t seem to be incredibly useful. The spider spawned by the orb skitters way too fast (its animation is bonkers) and doesn’t seem to attack anybody.
  • THANK YOU for the changes to wheels of pain. It always felt kind of jarring how they worked.
  • EDIT: I forgot: I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR THE NEW ANIMATIONS! Finally, weapons no longer spawn in our hands directly, and the new climbing animation looks super amazing! I didn’t know I wanted it until I saw it!

There are plenty of areas of improvement (the storm still looks stupid and weak inside), but overall this is just another amazing patch in a streak of amazing patches. Great job and keep it up!


And Sandbeasts

This post is probably getting flagged because it has nothing to do what so ever with the Patch 2.4 Testlive update. Just a thought.