Testlive Update (24.08.2018) - Pet system changes and additional fixes

i am very happy with what i am seeing!.

long live the gruel XD

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My pet wolf tamed in less than 1 1/2 hours on a handful of feral flesh. Stuck some more in his Invy, and his timer says he’s good to go for awhile.

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Son of a gun. Now that’s the kind of honest, detailed communication the community has been clamoring for!

Well done Funcom, well done. You’ve (almost entirely) restored my faith in you, and in the game.

To my fellow players: I know this hasn’t fixed every single issue, but come on guys… give 'em props where it’s due here. This a very good sign.


I’m not going to make the true name of Jhebbal Sag if it means losing the grove.
I need the grove for farming shade flowers.
Unless it comes back?

OK, this update looks substantially less rage-inducing then what you guys rolled out last week, at least on paper. I’ll give it a go this weekend.

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Yeah buddy. Animals are going to be wonderful guards now.

:stuck_out_tongue: Wait, the preservation box is supposed to have ice in it to work?

Thank you for these. My life playing solo will be improved.


Yes, it has always needed ice to work. It just made it decay super slowly before. Now it won’t decay at all.


How long will this test run?

It takes about 5.5 hours to download the TestLive from Steam. When the test is over, it takes nearly that long to return to my solo/co-op game. I would like to know if the wait would be worth the test time available.

I’ve encountered a bug in single player mode without mods. My pet wolf disappeared while I was on 30 minute trip. He had food in inventory and the timer said 8 days .


I am a little worried that being able to feed the thralls any type of food will be too easy. This will not fix the problem of having too many thralls scattered around everywhere when you can easily just stuff gruel into their inventory.

What about the food stuffs that do not decay? Purified Flesh is super easy to get. Don’t make it too easy. I understand the solo players might have a hard time keeping their armies of 500 thralls on the pve servers alive but on pvp servers? A full clan would be able to still keep the 6 main bases they have cause FARMING FOOD IS REALLY EASY YOU GUYS. SPECIALLY GRUEL.

Read the Weekly News Letter. Weekly Community Newsletter: Testlive Updates It says in there that the feeding system is NOT supposed to be an added grind mechanic. The way it is right now, as far as timers, is excellent, and I would definitely give my approval. If you want 100+ thralls, you’ll still need to do a bit of grinding every week to keep them fed, but it won’t hurt most intermediate players.


Wasn’t the issue abandoned thralls rather than owned, attended thralls?


Well, it will solve the abandoned thrall issue. Because when somebody’s abandoned base expires, so will the thrall pot(s) and animal feeder(s). One week later: poof.

Although if you still want to generously leave a dancer at every obelisk to take corruption off of people, someone from the owning clan will have to run by with a few stacks of gruel every week. Small price to pay, if you’re actually playing.


I know that the big advantage of camels, their intended use, is that they have 15 (?) inventory slots instead of 5. Shouldn’t bearers? I just tamed a bearer 3, and they’re the same as they are in the existing game: same 5 slots, no additional carrying capability.

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Great changes.

If you add different pet cage sizes too, i will be a happy exile.

For the bearers you got the backpack off of them which gives you a +5 to encum. So they are mainly there for the lower levels to be able to farm easier on their climb up. It would have been cool if they did that though.

It’s both. You can have a clan have 6 main bases stuff with named thralls in each base. It still will fix the abandoned thralls but not the 5 main bases a clan has but not use cause they only operate out of the one. Having a back up base is one thing but when you have 6 large bases all riddled with thralls and you only use one out of the 6? All they have to do it just put gruel into those thralls and they will keep alive and still cause server performance issues. I would be okay with having 2 mains with thralls. That would be a good number of bases a big clan can keep full of thralls fed and easily with the system they just trashed. Now it will only take one guy out of that clan to make gruel for all of their bases.

Off topic, but I love the spike wall of death you got going in Pictures 1 and 3.

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Love the changes Funcom. This should make just about everybody happy. Server settings let us people who want something harder to be able to make it harder, while on a whole the update will alleviate much of the concerns brought up over the last week. Brilliant.


your logic is totally flawed. i could have a single VERY large base with 600 deployed thralls. instead of limiting how many “baseS” you can have it is best to put a hard limit of 300 combat thralls (fighters , dancers, archers) and let people use their capacity in any way they like.

in our server, each clan member usually has a personal base. (so to speak) /…

let me asure you there are tons more orphaned thralls in PVE that active thralls in bases.