Testlive Update 3.0: The Age of Sorcery - Discussion Megathread

i think crafted armors are really inconsistent.

skelos armor and summoned armor seems to be the only ones who gives 2 bonuses and is greater than any other crafted armor.

So why we would use any other armor that isn’t abyssal armor and skelos armor?.
Not even siptah pieces or rare armors gives 2 bonus each xD.

so please, either add a secondary bonus to all armors or remove it from the summoned/skelos one, ty.
currently the only viable one seems to be summoned armor or skelos armor that gives bonus agi and autority, but there is no str/hp /str/agi str/auth hp/grit combo, ect.

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Even khari?

well khari does gives 2 stats.

but can we really say its balanced? khari is probably one of the hardest to farm.

would you sacrifice 8 % of agi damage just for 7 stamina?.

meanwhile the silent legion one:

a little more of armor to sacrifice 10 % follower damage… i think i rather have follower dmg.
Another example of the inconsistency.

i used a t4 defense armorer and bulked plating on all armors.
but these examples are one of the most expensive to craft/get, is not consistent with the effort/reward.

The whole thing looks awful, if that’s the case.

The only instance i found of a similar armor:

Alright lets check its cost!
Damn! eldarium! thats expensive!

could i be exagerating? lets check another !

oh damn! eldarium! and even less follower dmg!

lets see how much it cost the skelos then!
No perfected medium paddyn,light only, 4 layered silk and some raw ash much easier than getting eldarium i can get all of that in EL! yeah!

See what i mean?.

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BUG age of sorcery 3.0

BUG imortal age of sorcery 3.0

BUG Siptah Age of Sorcery 3.0

If you look at it’s list of food that it is supposed to eat in its inventory, you’ll notice it was totally blank. I was trusting the information. Silly me.

I am not looking forward to the much more painful temperature difference. Jimbo thinks it’s fine (just munch on ice constantly in the Well of Skelos!), but on top of losing the perk that helped protect against temperature, it looks like they cut 2/3rds of the temperature protection in epic armors.

I went from getting 6 to 10 bars with a T4 armor crafting thralls to now getting 3 with a full set. It heavily impacted fighting a larger mob.

So a major nerf or a major bug.

So much for being the hero. :-/


Português PT-BR
“SIm as armaduras épicas “legião silênciosa” tem proteção contra temperatura…” Porém ainda não testei isso em testlive sobre isso e posso testar também até gravar mesmo se funcionar a proteção contra temperatura.

Português PT-BR
Sim está em branco ou eles estão comendo quando não era para poder comer. Tem um bug porém ainda não sei qual vou criar uma discurssão sobre esse bug e postar ele aqui isso pode ajudar. Obrigado não havia reparado esse bug.


they really enjoy that rotten meat :smiley:

Found an unfinished or misbehaving event:

A sorcery circle near Sepermeru, with black mist emenating from it. When you go near, it gets dark, but nothing else happens.

Once, a level 1 Exile fighter walked around there. Maybe a placeholder, and some kind of monster is supposed to spawn?

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Haven’t been able to log in for a day now on PVE-C. Only one official (EU exiled lands) has anything but question marks for ping and age. Shot the weekend testing for me. If there’s a better spot to post this in please point me to it. If there’s a statement on why somewhere in these forums please point me to it.

But while I’m here, even with enhanced percussive damage, named thralls simply reset when using a blunt arrow and can’t seem to be taken down. They just pop back to their origin point with full consciousness. Also, was offline for a couple of days during last week, no change to purge indicator; not sure if it’s working as intended or simply not working as in game (where is loses purge bar over time). Probably just testlive issues as I’ve been in the regular game this weekend updating bases and it seems to all be working well/ as intended.

edit: commentary refers to testlive server exiled lands america.

They also eat human flesh :upside_down_face:

Looks like a misclassification of the armor. Designated medium but has light requirements.

I’m not sure if this was just thrown together or if the skelos master is the kewl new factor that we have talked about before.

Could we maybe be able to learn Sorcery that will allow us to can illusions on building pieces as well ? And Maybe some Sorcery that will allow us to have different shades added to building pieces?

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Strange, I hadn’t heard that the dungeon Well of Skelos requires you to have the Silent Legion armor and didn’t see that in the notes

Can someone test to see what the special fish do now?