Testlive_US3_PVE - sandstone ceiling tile vanished

I built a very humble home yesterday on Testlive_US3_PVE], which consisted of one foundation block, 3 wall pieces, 1 door frame, 1 ceiling tile, and a door (all tier 1). There are about 15 other foundation blocks connecting everything together to increase the decay timer.

I was playing this morning and noticed that my only ceiling tile disappeared. I cannot replace the missing ceiling tile and when I climb on top of it, my character shimmies as it I am stuck between places that I cannot stand.

My single fish trap disappeared too that I just put down yesterday.

I am near Sepermeru. There are a lot of floating thralls and pets in the area as well.

have you tried walking a far distance away from you base so that it is not in loading distance and then re-logging? Sometimes the pieces are still ‘there’ but just not loaded in properly.

Since it was such a small tier 1 building I removed the door and dismantled the 3 walls and 1 door frame and just rebuilt it.

Ahh, I see. Well if it happens again, on a larger scale, you might want to give that a try :slight_smile:

I will.

I think I ran past your base at one point over the last two days. If you see an exile running around in light/no armor, it might be me! LOL :running_woman:


For those floating thralls and pets, leftover from a previous player, there are big issues if you build in the same area. Building under them can sometimes cause them to drop down into your structure, then not allow any building pieces or placables to go where that npc is hiding. I think they also take way too long to starve.

I am experiencing this just SE of Sep (I have a map open for use there too). Today I lured a rhino boss to my place and started ripping out foundations and made the rhino charge through a bunch of the npcs to kill them off. It was a lot of fun. Killed about 20 or so. Found at least 10 pets lost in my foundations though.

My place should decay away a week from now, so that is how long you get to use the map :slight_smile: Going back to my own server now. Have fun!



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