Textile industry

Hello to all .
For the purposes of immersion and realism I would like to have the addition of a textile industry.
Currently, to obtain clothing in fabric or silk, we go through the craftsman’s table and in certain cases through the blacksmith’s workshop.

Imagine now that we can deepen this messy by adding other ways of doing things .

1 - Addition of Filandarians .
These spins wool, cotton, silk and fiber on wheel or spindle. Pelotes or coils are thus obtained .
2 - Filers .
These spin the balls of wool or coils with weaving trades.
We get with fabric rolls

3 - Couturriers.
These asserts fabric rolls and make patterns or lively .

When we carry a platte armor, it is reasonable to think that below this one we have clothes.
It is ridiculous to submit that we are naked under heavy armor or hub.
The armor is a leather pad, but under the armor there is the clothing (fabric, bristles, cotton and fiber).

For meter in practice this idea, we must add to the games in addition to the aforementioned craftsmanship of Cotton and Animals with wool (I think that mountain goals are ideal in the absence of sheep)

Although successful as a whole Conan Exile is sorely lacking in craft options. He neither has a farm animals nor this vivriéres plant crop. My idea may seem eccentric but permeted more craft options and more life in our bases.

That’s already taken into account by the fact that to craft armor, you need a padding. Although an abstraction in the game, that’s the thing you wear under the armor. But in order to streamline the game (for example, you don’t need different types of padding for a Khitan heavy armor and a Hyperborean heavy armor) it’s built into the armor itself.

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The padding you were talking about is an integral part of the armor.
I am talking here about the elements under the armor (underwear, clothing, etc.) take the case of light or intermediate armor, the pants, shirts and headdresses are not all in leather, they are in fabric (wool, silk, cotton, hemp etc…) my idea suggestion even if it seems stupid evokes these elements.

That would be cool, i use a mod called Emberlight that have similar system, you have to feed the silkworms and then boil it in the cooking.

I dunno if adding more subcombines and more crafting stations is really needed, nor would it be very popular.

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