Thank you for fixing the lag issues Funcom

After the last patch, I see a huge difference in stuttering / lag. I still do some stuttering when I first log in, but it is miniscule compared to what it was before.
Server crashes continue though, ours crashed again today.
All in all, I love the sorcery update ( Thought I would hate it ) and am a bit ambiguous about the items in the bazaar.
My favorite changes - I LOVE being able to illusion my armor and weapons, this is huge for me.
I like having a portal at each of my bases / outposts.
I love the new thrall system, and am spending a lot of hours on thralls again.

Thank you


Actually my first emotion was fear! I love changes but I admit that a vale of fear may cover until I face situations! I find bazzar a bit pricey too, but I would love to learn if the goals are achieved, if they finally will be able to keep the lights on.
Not to criticize, that many would run to do it, but to be happy! Some players play this game out of love, no matter the language they use here, THEY LOVE IT! It would made us really happy to learn something like it!
Plus @AndyB any news of livestream, we miss you guys!!!


I appreciate the work that’s gone into the game- the Sorcery update is what brought me back after a tepid experience a couple years ago. I bought the battlepass and a few cash shop items- I’m happy to contribute some funds to a game that’ll see continued work.


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