Thank you for fixing the mounting bug

Since the general sentiment around here seems to be “tHeY dOn’T cArE aBoUt BuGs”, I wanted to take an opportunity to say thanks for fixing a bug that was driving me crazy before I went on my last hiatus.

Now that I’m playing actively again, it’s really nice to not have to spam the action button like a maniac whenever I want to get on my horse.


But when was it fixed, in which patch? Probably I missed in the patch notes, since I don’t ride a horse for months :laughing:

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Arena Champion/Varis the Loyal can still be tamed
There’s still a borderline one shot mace
There’s still an old teleport through the ceiling exploit

That’s just three potentially gamebreaking bugs but hey, I’m glad your horse was fixed right?

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Yes, I’m glad my horse was fixed. You understood the topic. Good work.


Hey! Silver lining… yes! :+1:

Really was getting frustrating to mount a horse. Didn’t appreciate the wording in the update notes though… like we’re looking like idiots for “failing to mount the horse?” Yeah… snarky or not, we weren’t the ones who coded it wrong. :roll_eyes:

Regardless, I do appreciate it.

An aside. This morning when my zip broke I was wondering who I could escalate the issue to - the people who made those delicious cupcakes or to the people who made the pants or to some person who didn’t make them stretch.

I always say, cup half empty or full? Just keep on drinking the dmnd drink! :smiley:

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What? You can break the AC? Make her a thrall? I find that hard to believe. I never pulled that off. If that was possible, nobody would have any other combat thrall in the game. Can you imagine a clan having 100 of those things? :sweat_smile: All builds but full authority with war party would be rendered useless immediately.

Maybe I should see about getting this delisted :thinking: Seems to be the common thing when I thank funcom for fixing something. If you a haven’t seen one of my threads thanking funcom for fixing something that would be why.
I might have noticed this fix if I actually used a horse.

Glad your horse got fixed, hope it still is with the next update.
But in my experience fixed bugs tend to not stay fixed.

It’s true

I’ll go and tame one RIGHT NOW. :laughing:

That with the fix to their health has made many happy :slight_smile:

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Nahhh, didn’t work. The blue bar doesn’t even show. I just beat the crap out of her with a truncheon to no avail!
Why do you tease me? :laughing:

It does work. It’s a specific set of actions that must be done. I am not saying how.

Ahhh. So not just going there with a truncheon. Ok. Well, I’m sad. :laughing:

it was reliefing, what an annoying bug it was

Already saw it. If this was something anyone could do by conventional means, I would be calling it a feature and not a bug (while being hated for it), but it’s really a bug.
Pvpers must be so mad about it, though! :laughing:

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Thralls are pretty much useless for base defense and fights. They’re easy to avoid/predict, so even this exploit is just an exercise in futility.

Well, not if you face 20 of those beasts wearing gas masks with a small team… The AC two shots you at lvl 60 with a good armor. She’s an excellent archer too, so forget about climbing.
I remember the cries about Teimos. Well, the AC makes Teimos look like a little timid child…

Certainly does, this is way worse than teimos XD

I’m still not concerned though, thralls are meh now.

Exploit still needs to go bye bye.

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Agree. It must be driving people insane. Even a very experienced clan can have a lag spike during a raid. They would ALL be massacred in seconds.
Do you see ppl using ACs frequently, @Kikigirl ? Or isn’t it being abused?
(And thralls aren’t just meh… they were turned into shit. I hope this gets tweaked in the future).