Thank you Funcom for nerfing horses in 2.4 been waiting so long for this


Was patient and kept hope in the game despite the imbalance of mounted combat Vs ground fighters.

After watching the dev update live stream and hearing horses are finally being nerfed, I am so happy.

Also the old dodge roll is making a comeback <3 <3 <3

Just wanted to say I love you. Thanks <3


I didn’t watch the stream, can you summarise what gets changed?

@Kilix You can check the recap prepared by Multigun.


Hi, jumping in to preemptively ask to please don’t let this thread turn into mudslinging or making hateful generalized statements about an entire portion of the playerbase.

We can debate the merits and demerits of mounted combat without being at each others’ throats. Thank you :slight_smile:


Long awaited changes.

With horse nerf and roll changes skill might actually be required in conan pvp again


I disagree because PvP will just return to people greifing new player’s which is why you’re afraid of horses. You have said it yourself many times. You just wanted the equalizer for non-max level players that don’t have legendary /Epic weapons/armor removed so you can flex your fragile ego’s. The proof is in all the Horse threads. Instead of asking for reasonable changes you whinned for nerfs knowing Funcoms poor record on nerfs. That alone speaks volumes on the status and mind set of the CE PvP community.


Actually no.

I wanted horses nerfed so ground pvp becomes the meta again which requires actual skill to be good at. Aim/Movement/Dodging ect. Along with coordination with your clan. Instead of hurdur horse charge zerg.

I never once said I wanted horses the “equalizer” to be nerfed so i can gank fresh players who aren’t even geared lol.

Oh and btw. Horses aren’t an “equalizer” because a bad player on a horse can kill a good player thats stuck on the ground in 1 shot.

I understand you’re upset that horse is getting nerfed but to quote the dev on stream he said. "Horse will be optional not required. So I’m sure any talented horse mains out there will still be viable =)


Can’t find it

It’s literally just one of them mentioning “We’re going to nerf horses across the board.” I think he also said something like “you won’t be doing double damage with spears on horses anymore”. But that’s it. That’s the entirety of the info on this topic.

The utter lack of info along with the historical way nerfs usually turn out is the reason people are legitimately concerned that horses are about to be rendered useless for anything combat related. Which would be really unfortunate because right now CE is one of only a very small handful of titles that actually has a decent mounted combat system.


What the?

Horses is to EXTREME in Pv

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Bestworld - Bestman, i really cant wait and i hope, for fair PvP fights again!


If they nerf them into oblivion - good riddance. A shame there is no more info though

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Horse combat nerf is a welcome change from PvP perspective. It has been extremely unbalanced for a very long time and changes had to be done. However, I will refrain from speculating and wait for the TestLive patch to form my opinion on whether Funcom has managed to address the issue.


I see you in every topic talking about something called “infinite” roll, what really do u even mean with that?

That rolling is something u can do forever? Not really. Rolling is a good way to attack and get out of danger. It works both ways, but still you need to have controll over your stamina, otherwise you will most likely die because of it.

When it comes to horses, u dont need to have controll over anything except your horses stamina, u can do hit after hit without even have to look at your players staminabar.

That’s why it’s so good news for the PVP community to hear that they finally gonna do something about a mechanic that could be fair and fun, after such a long time.


Ask bad pvprs why they need the old dodge and you’ll understand.


@Aleetoo I don’t want to go into personal attacks but you are not doing yourself any favours by calling others bad pvpers while claiming that there is nothing wrong with the horses. It was broken, you had fun while it lasted. Time for a meta change.


I never said there is nothing wrong with horses, I’m complaining about the old dodge. I had fun clapping baddies with the poke’n roll meta too and I don’t see why we need to go back to that meta, it was simply stupid.

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I am confused then. I have never commented on dodge roll. The post you replied to was about horses. Another of your comments in the dodge thread, btw. My comment still stands.

Man I hope this is only a horse nerf for PVP. Most of my play in PVE is mounted.


How come they are bad PVPers? I can tell all those players including me, still have no problem with this new dodge. Thing is, with old dodge you had to time aggressive rolls in another way than u have now, wich needed skill and training.

From my point of view it dosent seem like you even know what you are talking about.