Thank You to Dev Team and Let's Keep Siptah Unique

Dear Dev Team,

First let me say THANK YOU SO MUCH for working on a way to allow travel between The Exiled Lands and Siptah. I was so excited when that was the first question answered on the latest dev stream. I am confident such travel will provide a much healthier play environment for all server communities.

I do want to make sure, though, that you understand that we fans love the randomness and difficulty provided by Siptah. I want it to retain its uniqueness, and one great way to do that is to provide recipes in Siptah that can’t be acquired in the Exiled Lands.

Below are a few suggestions below on recipes that could be added to random drops of boss mobs on Siptah. I hope you’ll give them consideration:

-Improved Grinder: We have a lot of improved crafting stations in Conan, and they’re fantastic. I love the extra inventory space and additional perks they provide. For me, the inventory space is the real bonus. Consequently, I’d love to see an improved grinder with more capacity. As things stand, I can easily harvest 20 stacks of gold and 20 stacks of silver in Siptah. Baking them into bars in a furnace makes them eat up a ton of space. Rather than having to build a line of grinders which just increases the load on the server, having an improved grinder would be a wonderful convenience. I’m sure many players would love having such a device.

-Improved Fluid Press: Much like the improved grinder, an improved fluid press with more inventory slots would be much appreciated. When I harvest a line of improved fish traps, I’ll have a massive amount of fish I need to press. One or two fluid presses can’t get the job done. In fact, I’ll need eight or nine sometimes. Again, it would decrease server load if all players could work to get an improved version with a substantially increased capacity.

-Improved Dryer: Like the two above, an improved dryer would be a valued recipe. While collecting a lot of wood and bark might take longer than fish or gold, it can still require a number of dryers when I get serious about making Black Ice structures. Like all these improved stations, I’m sure it wouldn’t take the art department very long to reskin the old version. Thus, it should be a trivial matter to add them to the game.

Lethargy Orbs: We have concussion melee weapons and blunted arrows, but no “magical” way to knock out thralls. If we could craft orbs at the Firebowl Cauldron that did an area of effect concussion damage similar to how gaseous orbs work, it would add a new dimension to obtaining thralls. I have no doubt that it would be something players would work hard to get, and if it were exclusively a Siptah recipe or something exclusive to T4 Siptah alchemists, it would help preserve the uniqueness of the new expansion. Again, it wouldn’t take much from the art department to create a new orb icon. And maybe glowing goop and yellow lotus blossoms could be the ingredients since those are commonly found all over.

Anyway, even if you don’t include the items I suggested above, increasing the number of new and unique recipes on Siptah will ensure its uniqueness and desirability as a destination in Conan.

Once again, I want to thank you for the hard work you are putting in to allow us to travel between Siptah and the Exiled Lands. I’m looking forward to the day when they are finally connected and our server communities can be reunited.



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