Thanks for the Bell, but make a shorter one?

Thanks, Funcom, for the bell. I appreciate you following up from my initial request:

It’s a pretty nice addition, BUT not quite what I had in mind. I’d like to see a shorter version, AS WELL AS one we can incorporate into a custom built bell tower. If you see my original topic (posted above), I describe something that could possibly be snapped to a hatch door frame with an interactive cord that hangs down like an elevator (drops down to the closest floor). It would also need to be smaller to fit within a one block space. If these can be incorporated, I’d likely buy them in a heartbeat! :sunglasses:

It would be nice if we could assign a thrall to it. As soon as an enemy was spotted, it would trigger a ringing animation. Even better would be if unassigned combat thralls converged to the spot, but that’s probably asking too much. But If Fallout 4 can do it with a bell and a siren, I’m sure you guys can too. :wink:


i exactly what i had in mind. When i saw how it really is i was disapointed cant even be used as doorbell because only the owner can interact.


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