The Age of Rolling PvP with Great Swords

I was watching players PvP and I noticed the go-to strat is to get a great sword, have rolling thrust, infinitely roll, swing, and eventually with how weird the hit box area for great swords is, you can take over half the health of a 700+ HP player with little to no skill. It’s the goofiest PvP fighting style I’ve seen. Let’s be real, carrying a big weapon like a hammer or great sword should eat your stam up faster than some little daggers. Not in Conan, you want any sort of logic, throw it out the window. :joy: The stamina is also an issue. I can constantly bug it out to have unlimited stam just randomly throughout my gameplay. I’m not even doing anything in particular, just running, then all at once it regens mid run, and boom, unlimited running power. I’ve seen players have this happen during PvP. Sonic the hedgehog rolling is the meta and it’s so silly. Anyone else experience this type of stuff?

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replace great sword with great axe

But yeah, typical Funcom.

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