The best Authority build!

Put absolutely 0 points into Authority….”zero”.

I will have you know that you do not need a thrall to kill any of the bosses. At all. Even in an Encumberance build, relying on agility based weapons, you can defeat every boss, solo. Arena Champ, Klaels Champ, Red Mother, BFE(big fkn elephant)….all of the 3 skulls including the dungeon bosses.

But if you insist on toting a thrall around everywhere then also know that the thrall is far safer if you are in a fighter build and can protect it. 

Now I know that when you do the corrupted authority build you have a really tough thrall, however, you yourself are a tap kill for most players and then your thrall thrall is scouting and vulnerable(as well as predictable and easy to avoid) and your corpse is being looted while your thrall watches as it advances screaming some really bold dialogue at the attacking player :man_shrugging:

0 in Authority is the best Authority build. 


Edit: the rockslides and avalanches can be problematic just because of their rotary attack but you don’t have to fight every single boss either. Also the big rhino outside Supermeru is tough….but only because you can’t see it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Spear, roll and poke, solo Rockslide no problem (this doesn’t account for lag and bad server performance)

Even on PVE server?

My bad. PvE servers to me is just a mass single player/co-op. We’re not even playing the same game.

But even in the PvE servers you don’t need a thrall to kill bosses….guess you just need a friend :man_shrugging:

Yeah I disagree; best authority build for PvP/Raiding is 20 Agi 20 Vit 20 Auth

Wear w/e armor I like heavy S+ builds for PvP and light A+ builds for Raiding/Bosses;

Armor: (R=Raiding/P=PvP/B=Bosses) + ((Crafting Thrall: (Sc-=Scoutwright/Sw+=Shieldwright/T=Temperwright))

Heavy -
Medium - (Sc-) Skelos Cultist Master Set (+25% A+ HD, +60% Concussive HD, +50% Follower HD) // (Head, Chest, & Legs + Armor Reduction Kit/ Gloves, & Boots + Gliding Joints) - (+25% A+ HD, +60% Concussive HD, +50% Follower HD, +631 Armor, +15.75 W)
Light - (Sc-) Ranger Set (+8% A+HD & +7 Stam/Piece) //
(Head, Gloves, & Boots + Gliding Joints/Chest & Legs + Bulked Plating) - (+40% A+ HD, +35 Stam, +210 Armor, +18.76 W)

Perks: (G=Green Perk/B=Brown Perk)

Agility - 20 AP “Maxed” G + G
Vitality - 20 AP “Maxed” G + G
Authority - 20 AP “Maxed” B + G

Weapons: ((Stats: (A+=Agility/S+=Strength) + (HD=Health Damage/AP=Armor Penetration/D=Durability/W=Weight)


Black Dragon Pike: A+ 70|19|N/A|4.81 + Master Weapon Fitting
Baal-Pteor’s Razor: A+ 80|35|3,600-4,800|0.10 + Master Weapon Fitting





Yeah, found this out last night. Although it wasn’t outside Sepermaru , it was the other one at the oasis. The ironic thing was there was a lot of buildings there so I honestly thought it had been blocked.

It wasn’t.

My toon just exploded.
For a moment I thought it had just had enough and spontaneously combusted.

Me: “Oh, so invisible Rhino bosses are a thing now…noted”

(i’ve been on a break for a while)

Oh i know - played for years without a thrall with friends. But when some of them leave this world , i dont have a choice anymore really. And i like the interactivity with thralls when they are doing their thang!

Besides i like being commander with warparty -

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