The Black Galleon

So, last night I was rampaging through the Black Galleon, trying out some of the new weapons from the latest patch and DLC, I got to thinking. The Black Galleon would make a pretty good base.

Has anyone ever tried to occupy the Black Galleon? Would it even work? I tried to find out if someone had, but couldn’t find anything. What do you think?

It is a no build zone like Sepermeru and other places, also a huge area around it is no build zone, so it won’t work unless you use a mod in singleplayer that removes building restrictions - You can always check an area by running around with a foundation to see where it is placeable :slight_smile:

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I always have a base near the black galleon. It’s the easiest and best camp for specialist thrall farming.

It used to be way back, but Sepermeru is definitely the best worker thrall spot now :slight_smile:

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I’m going from memory, is the Black Galleon that huge ship at the edge of a canyon with a bunch of raiders in it, with a camp of raiders right beside it?

the black galleon is the stone ship that sits over the canyon in the desert… it is surrounded with camps that often have (decent) T4s (minus the fighters… they suck lol)

Currently even Sinners refuge is better than BG. Are I just have no luck there and everywhere else I have (more)

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That’s the one I was thinking of. Thanks for answering!

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