The Christmas...event

Im guessing its getting upgraded thats why theres not snow ? etc…?

Everyone says it always starts on the 12th. I always imagine events starting on a Tuesday or at least during the week rather than the weekend.

12th of December 2017 was a Tuesday
12th of December 2018 was a Wednesday
12th of December 2019 was a Thursday

This year the 12th of December fell on a Saturday.
So while the world wanted to do Christmas earlier - Funcom does it later.


Maintenance mode SWL :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean just like TSW that gets no event, unlike SWL?

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I miss getting Signet Fusion Catalysts from events :disappointed:

Don’t we still get them sometimes?

None for the anniversary. None for Halloween. None for Christmas.
Not sure about Spring Equinox. But that one was new and may not return anyway.

I’d also like to mention that the new scaling on the Christmas bounties is just so super.
Going through 2.2 million hp for a single 1300 XP destillate is absolutely motivating and inspiring.


Bounties’ main reward is gadgets anyway. Distillates are just there to give you something when you are not winning a jackpot.

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[09:48] You received [Little Christmas Tree] x 5

From the SD champion, which comes with three extra bosses each with half the boss hp, so 5.5 million in total.
I feel the love.