The DLC walls doesnt show which side is which when replacing

Can you add that. They are rather expensive in game :slight_smile:


Which dlc? I have all of them and haven’t had this problem. Although it is hard to see, there are spikes on the outside edge of most walls. I’ve found that if you’re replacing walls, it’s much easier to do at night, because you can see which side the spikes are on.

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I have had similar problems with lining up floors (ceilings) and foundations for those DLC pieces that have an obvious alignment after you’ve placed them but less so while you’re trying to line them up.


The aqulonian one.

All of the walls have some sort of difference outside vs inside. Some are very hard to see. What I have found is that if you stand at a sharp angle to the wall you are replacing you will see the difference. The Aqualonian walls have a frame around the inside you can see if you angle yourself to the wall. Again, it is not easy sometimes and you have to get close to see it.

I agree, reading the placement can be hard at times. IMO we should be able to edit the colour of the placing image. Building in sandy areas in the day time is tricky at best. I usually wait till dawn to do fiddly bits.

The easiest answer would be to give anything that can be placed, an arrow like the one for chests and certain stations. Like most build mods do. Because yes, when upgrading, seeing through sandstone is almost impossible. It’s supposed to replace in the same direction the original is but supposed to and does, desn’t always happen. Often they flip them just to troll us because wasting time counts as fun or something.


Thank you all for all the tips and tricks :smiley:

I had the same problem until I noticed that each side of a wall highlights differently when you try to place them. For example the outside highlights yellow, the inside white. The problem is this isn’t consistent among the DLC’s. In some DLC’s the outside highlights white and the inside yellow.

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The only ones I’ve had trouble with are the frontier pieces, which do not show alignment for the floors.

Speaking of frontier, I don’t own any dlcs, but I have a totamic fodder, how do I use it on my wolf? I had both in inventory and when used, I basically just ate paint… wolf wasn’t affected

This. Or make the text that says “Outer Face” actually stand out a few inches from the wall, instead of right inside of it where it can’t be seen.

I don’t think you can use it without owning the dlc. It unlocks a recipe in your inventory that allows you to craft it.

What if I get a friend to apply it, they own the doc, but thx for the info

That would depend. If using the fodder creates a transferable item (such as an unplaced pet) it should work fine. Generally, “sharing” a DLC with a friend works well in this game, given that you can transfer just about any item created with it to someone who doesn’t own it.


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