The Dregs water not rising

In the Dregs, the part where you have to shoot two targets to get the water to rise (one Infront and one to the right), the water does not rise after shooting the second target.
You can hear the sound being made as if the water is rising and falling but it does not actually happen.
The water works fine on the first bit.

Would double jump work to get over that area?

I was 3 days ago in dregs and it was working fine, in awhile I’ll go again to confirm

OK I confirm it works properly :+1:t6:. If what you are talking about is the 3rd water rize, the one before the last one, it doesn’t have only 2 but 3 targets. When you enter you have one in front of you, this will rize the waters so you’ll swimm to hit the other 2. I always hit first the right side then jump in to the tunnel without water go straight left because you can jump from the stones and go up to hit the left one so the tunnel will fill with water to go through. Good luck :+1:t6:


Ahh thank you

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Just do what I do and turn it into wine.


Depends… Sometimes beer is the mandatory, I love wine, but when I am on a tavern midday next to the sea on a summer day, or barbecue, beer is my kings grace.

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That’s such an old trick. Can’t you come up with anything more original?

An even greater miracle is that drinking the Dregs water (or even breathing the air down there) doesn’t make you sick at all, whereas eating raw meat is an instant food poisoning.

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