What happened to Dregs archery puzzle?

Last few times when I’ve run through the Dregs dungeon there has not been any need for shooting those archery targets to get water levels rising. Water levels just keep rising and lowering by themselves, only thing you need to do is wait for water to rise and you can advance to the next door.
Is this a bug or intended change? I play on servers so I don’t know how it is on single player.


This usually indicates that someone has been through the dungeon before you and hit the targets. Hence, the water levels are already rising and falling.


It is most likely a bug or something on a timer before going back to static water levels. Devs probably just overlooked it, and didn’t think people would be rushing to do Dregs over and over.

No, I don’t believe there had been anyone just before me. In fact it was like that on my previous server back in July when there was no one else playing but me.

Besides the fact that Abomination was there indicates that the dungeon had resetted even if someone had been there before me.

I’ve seen this very same thing happen. Dregs is an instance I think where they have’t quite regulated it with some fixed solution. In my minds eye I would see it as any other instance when your not in a group. Some one could trigger it behind you and go in solo by themselves as well. But for some reason I am feeling they don’t got it set up like that.

I think the previous person talking about the timers hit it on the head. Often enough I’ve been in the dregs and the boss does nothing but sit there until you or someone hits it with an arrow to wake it up. Even then IT doesn’t behave as expected. I do think it’s very broken due to some mods conflicting with it.

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The first time I went into the Dregs, the water levels were rising and falling automatically, on all later visits I had to shoot the bronze-plates.

In Singleplayer, the water will rise and fall for sometime after exiting.

Boss will respawn to if you wait around. Seem be much faster then puzzle reset.
If you log out, and back in. Boss respawns instantly, but water puzzle stays finished.

Few other notes. (singleplayer)
Logging out and back in, spawns skeleton at boss fight (near exit)
Killing Boss and back tracking, you’ll find komodos at start. (if you exit and reenter, they go poof sometimes) XD

Yeah I don’t think it’s set up like an instance. It’s like an open dungeon I think. Things will respawn as they do. I mean I haven’t played that long but less than a year and all the sudden one day it just stops working as expected.

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