The Dregs dungeon

I just hit lvl 35 on new server and went to explore The Dregs for the first time.

I watched a bit on YouTube, how to complete it and tips etc. Everyone says take a bow and 400 arrows but I didn’t even need the bow. Inside the dungeon, the waters were rising and sinking by themselves all the way through to the end so I just ran all the way to the boss and killed it on my first try :muscle: they also said to take metals, leather etc because you’ll need to repair your weapons etc. Not true at all. I had exceptional steel 2h sword and the slaver heavy Armor on. My encumbrance was in the red before I even got to the dungeon so couldn’t loot much.

Just a heads up in case anyone goes to explore there for the first time.

No bows and arrows needed
No materials to repair needed

Wrong my friend… all that means is that someone was in there prior to you…

Dungeons do not instance from my experience, as I’ve been playing with 4 completely separate clans these past few days knocking out the Spider Queen, the Dregs, and even the Undead Dragon.

Those water triggers seem to run for well over 15 minutes after triggered.

You must always bring arrows and a bow (or throwing axes and the such) to trigger it… unless it was done before you get there.

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Hm interesting, I hoped it would always be like that lol. I haven’t respecced to get my bow and arrow points back yet thankfully, looks like I’ll have to keep them for now. Thanks a lot

We were all maxed level with none of us having any points into bows…

We just went outside of the dregs, killed the Drafari around the area, got lucky and collected a bow and about 15 arrows and just used those to finish the dungeon…

at the end I just dropped the bow and moved on…

The boss will actually slam the ground and lay there for a few seconds… you don’t need a bow to defeat it.

GL with it bud!

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