Solo Play: Which level for to explore the Dregs Dungeon and the Unamed City?

Greetings Exiles,
I am really enjoying the game so far, I would like to know which level is requested in order to complete the Dregs Dungeon in SOLO play and for to explore the Unamed City. Actually I am playin on the Xbox version of the game and right now I am level 40 and i am still using Steel weapon (cimmerian 1H batttleaxe+ shield and default heavy armour), speaking of combat difficulty for example I still feel hard to kill the skeletons who are patrolling the outskirt of the Unamed city. Is that normal or I am underpowered.

Do you have any advise to share for SOLO players for to be victorious in the Dregs and in the Unamed City?



Dregs you can do without much difficult by about lvl 30 or so.

By 40 it should be easy.

Unnamed City level 30 or 40 again should be easy enough.

This all depends on personal skill. I got trounced the first time I did the dregs at level 33. I was in Medium armor didn’t have enough potions and the damn thing was able to hit me with every hit for some reason.

Second time I did axe shield as well as a spear and potions and it was much easier didn’t even need the potions.

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If you use a bow you can do the Dregs easy in the 30s. I did it without taking any damage at all. Same with the bat tower.

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