The family of Argos!

A father from Argos, blacksmith, lost his wife to the twins deliver so he had to raise his children alone. A boy named Wonk and a girl named Bella. From their baby age he had them with him, literally everywhere he was, so it was really natural that both of these children would master blacksmithing from really low age. Bella love to craft shields and Wonk javelins. Their father was so proud of them, his children was all his life, seeing them master blacksmithing was both a sorrow and pride, but that’s the best he could do and knowing that he had a family was all he needed!
Children felt the void of the mother, they were searching her face in every other mothers face. So when a woman was approaching the blacksmith shop they were running to her for a warm hug. This was the most difficult thing to suffer for the poor wife less blacksmith. But he was still in love with his poor Artemis, a beautiful hyborian woman, with big sky blue eyes and lips like strawberry. No other woman could match her… never, above all her kindness and big heart was making her an Angel in earth. So it was impossible for him to ever love another woman, no matter how much his children needed a mother.
Bella on the other hand was exactly like her mother, like 2 drops of ice spring water, looking at her becoming a little lady was keeping his fire alive for his poor Artemis.
When his children became 18 years old they went to the village tournament to gain a reward of becoming adults in their community. It was a custom of this little community, every man and woman had to present him-her self in front of a green hatchling and defeat it.
Bella showed up with a shield and Wonk with a javelin!Everybody started laughing since their weapon choice was poor!
Wonk was a really strong young man, handsome and all the girls of the village was crazy about him. When he listened everyone laughs he tossed his armor away and stayed with his linen cover only. Bella did the same, her curves shocked the rest laughing audience. What they did was crazy, but the most crazy was that they asked the hatchling to be released from the chains. Everyone’s blood was frozen in the arena, but above all the poor blacksmith had to watch “THIS”. His family was in great danger but he couldn’t do a thing, it was the custom, the ones that would defeat the hatchling unchained would gain leading rights in this small community. The leader of the village, a fat coward who loved Artemis and couldn’t win her heart but the blacksmith did, was rubbing his hands. It was time to revenge the blacksmith for it and without secong thought he said “release the chains”. His whole inside was laughing making his belly bounce from joy! He was happy to see the younglings of the blacksmith slaughtered from the green hatchling, after all they had no armor and their weapon choice was poor.
The young ones fought like lions and the hatchling was defeated! All the villagers were praising and calling their names, but the leader was not happy! So he stopped the cheering blaming them that they used poison to defeat the hatchling! Wonk went upset and aimed his javelin just to scratch his cheek saying… I don’t see you die from poisoning? All the arena went frozen and Bella broke this silence with words that literally shattered her fathers heart…

“Me and my brother will go to the exile lands and escape this prison using just these 2 weapons, nothing else”

The whole village turned eyes now straight to the leader. He became a leader because he managed to escape the exile lands. Nobody knew that he lurked to the chaos mouth and slaughter with backstabbing another brave exile to steal his keystone and escape these lands. He was a coward rat bastard nothing else. But he knew, these weapons were not enough for something like it!
He knew, these kids would be stupid enough to fight the monsters of this punishing world without proper gear. He knew that these lands would become their eternal exile… So how handy that was? He said without second thoughts…

If at least one of you return from these lands i will give the rights of leadership and a final fight for it… With me!

He was so sure (so stupid) that these younglings would never return from these lands…

The young ones at once asked from the leader to call the Argos guards and lead them to the exile lands. The leader fabricate a story, good enough to send them there, he was a coward criminal after all it wasn’t so difficult to think of something!

The last memory of the children will be the sorrow in the eyes of their father. A sorrow that they decided to weaponize for a fast return and a promise…

My daughter, you look like your mother Artemis, why? What i have done wrong my child? Why should i loose my heart again? Wonk answered, Bella couldn’t because she just understood her mistake!
Father i promise you and this promise will give me strength all the way, Bella will return no matter what! Bella looked her brother saying, little brother you will return because i am watching your back, little clumsy boy, i was borned first and watch your back all these years. Wonk laughed and turned to his father…
See father? No reason to worry and he laughed. For a minute they forgot what was coming, all of them hugged as one with tears in their eyes filled their hearts with strength only Crom gives. The Argos soldiers arrived and took the young ones to the exile cross road. Now the journey begins…
Will these young ones make it?

For @fito and @Talyna!
These outstanding members triggered my imagination for role play more than anybody else in here! Both of them encourage me to create a mini story before a big challenge and this is my poor effort to say THANK YOU to them!

Poor @Wonka doesn’t not know until now that he is Wonk and he will join Bella in this mission :rofl:. I really hope you’ll say yes my friend, but Bella must return to her father nonetheless, she promised, so what say you?

My dearest Community of players in this forum! I don’t seek your hearts, i seek your imagination to help me and hopefully Wonka (cross fingers😉) to create a decent challenge equal to “impossible” to be done and make this little story interesting and challenging enough for both of us. This time i will wait for your opinions - suggestions before i start or we start. For sure Wonk will use only javelins and Bella only shield. No armors just fiber clothing.
Make it more challenging…
I beg you!


Yes! Of course! I am so happy to embrace in this incredible adventure and challenge!
I cannot begin to describe how much that story touched me. Yes, because it is amazing and lovely and so emotive, but also because I have been playing for so many years that it was incredible natural and easy for me to identify with Wonk and the story.
I loved it!
I will be waiting for the challenge!
@stelagel , you outdid yourself this time! Thank you my friend!


Thanks again for the praises @stelagel ! :blush:
Inspiring story.
I wish you both all the best on your endeavor!
But as we all know, at least Bella should do it. Because this can only be a prequel to other stories we already read about! :wink:


Can you please put some rules for this challenge, what’s allowed and what’s not? Other from the obvious Ofcurce! Do we go only looting? Is building allowed? Is crafting allowed? Can you help my friend, please?
Thanks in advance :blush:

Just suggested rules to help, feel free to change anything you wish…

Only the inventory available.
A simple blacksmith bench
Any type of javelin

Feats to unlock.
Simple shields
All the javelins
All the picks (but not allowed to craft them except the stone)!

Bedrolls? You decide!

We can harvest only aloe, ice, berries, meat and branches !
We can use skining knife to dragons only to havest dragon bones!
The rest must be looted only!

Looting and use.
We can use sickle and cleaver better than stone, only if we loot them!
We can loot better shield and better javelins.
We can loot materials to create a blacksmith bench and better javelins!
We can loot argosean dream dust and tent!

Thralls and pets not allowed!

Eagering for an answer!


perhaps annoying political leader has sent guards or someone to place the artifacts in chests guarded by extremely dangerous beasts so that they fail in the crusade. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:


Make your point, create any alternative you wish, here we all play, thanks @Will1


As they are young and have never set foot in exile, they would not know where to start. The political leader would pay gold coins with his influence to lead them astray or certain death. When you’re lost somewhere, it’s normal to ask and they’ll take the bait there. The white murderer, a biolenthous and destructive creature, attacks farms, men and children, women and the elderly without mercy, no one has been able to stop him, the influence of the leader has sent them towards this great danger of death. His roar is capable of turning the most experienced warrior into a chicken. place? It is located in the red mountains between the cold and the heat. Reward: Combat experience, legendary key and save farmers. The exact location of an angular stone artifact.


I’m so very short of time atm @stelagel
So please, don’t wait for an answer to long. I’m not sure, when I have a clear enough mind to think about a setup for your challenge.
Sorry, for this. It’s just bad timing… :expressionless:

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Awesome story, I love it.

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I can surely understand, life comes first! No problem at all!
We already started today with @Wonka on 3740. It’s very laggy for both of us but we will manage! I am having a really good time and i really hope the same for @Wonka! This challenge ain’t going to run like the others. We will do it whenever we can because we are all workers and it’s difficult to find common free time, so no rush at all.

Thank you JJ :blush:.


I am loving it!

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So the 2 young ones find them self crossed in the exile lands with their fake conviction stamped on them…

A glorious man, with battle scars on his body released them from their cross. Wonk and Bella was wearing a weard green bracelet on their hands, this man wasn’t, so he came to these lands willingly. His name was Conan! The young ones try to explain him why they were there, but he stopped them. He said, meet me in Sepermeru, i cannot chat in the middle of the desert, i don’t want! Meet me there, we’ll drink some ale and speak for your situation… If you manage to come there, Alive! And he continue his path.
The first thing Bella witnessed was a bat… kind… feasting on a mans body… She grabbed a stone and throw it on this “thing”, what a reckless foolish girl, Wonk tried to stop her but, no luck, the beast looked at them but fortunately it left.
Bella witnessed a leather journal next to the corpse and she picked it up

The young ones continued their path, they were thirsty and starving. As soon as they see green, danger and unspeakable beauty was there for them

They were really good survivors, they explored the river biome, stand bravely against their opponents the whole day and at night they find a good spot to start cooking and rest.
Bella, this curious girl opened the leather journal of the corpse.
It had pieces of map locations.
Most of them had a skull

Others had different marks

Maybe the one with the question mark was the only place this poor fellow exile didn’t make it to visit. First thing in the morning they would try to find these places, these should be the locations they were looking for to escape these lands. So funny sometimes, one mans bad luck is anothers best luck! The winds were in favor so the young ones rested at ease in these wild lands!


The young ones finally find the city. They asked where’s Conan and they took directions for the bar he was drinking. As soon as they enter the bar Wonk went to Conan to speak with him and Bella… Where else? She run straight to the dancers to dance with them, she was so exited!

Conan: So, you made it alive, well done the drinks on me.
Wonk: No it’s all good, the drinks are on me, after all you saved us, it’s the least i can do, please!
Conan: I won’t ask where you find the coins for drinks, i guess the skeletons in the unnamed city don’t need them right?
Both of them laughed heartedly!
Wonk: Well, you got me here! But yes, especially the ones in the snake temple was very generous, hopefully the great snake was sleeping and killing the small ones was easy.
Conan: Brave and foolish, i like you guys, but watch it, not everything sleeps here. The dangers are many and you are not alone, the girl may be in danger.
Bella heard this and went upset, she literally drink the whole cup at once

Of curse she was not used to the alcohol and she got drunk at once so she started the show off.

Bella: I am older than my little brother i was borned 10 minutes earlier. If anything tries to hurt him i will kill it with bear hands
And she raze fists but her whole world was spinning

Wonk: whooo, rexal “big” sister, i trust our friend Conan here is convinced about it, isn’t it Conan?
Conan: Sure… Now listen… boy, if you want to escape these lands you need to go to the Jungle.
Wonka: Wait, Bella find these maps from a corpse, is anything familiar to you?
Conan: I’ll be damned, this girl is useful after all. Yes these are the exact locations you need to go, but first start with this location in the jungle. This is the witch queen. If you kill her then Razma will be released and give you proper directions how to escape these lands.
Bella: Razma? I find some of her journals in our way, what’s the story with her?
Conan: She is an exile, like you, but in her thirst for knowledge, power corrupted her and before she understand it, she was possessed by the spirit of the witch queen.
Bella: But if she dies? I don’t want to take the risk and kill her.
Conan: True. She may die. It’s a risk that you have to take i guess.
Wonk looked the red eyes of his sister. So he stopped the conversation.
Wonk: Thank you my friend, we have to keep moving. I hope i’ll see you again.
Conan: I ‘ll be here for a couple days drinking and relaxing, hope to see you again too, pleasure. But next time you’ ll tell me the reason you end up here, ok?
Wonk: Count on it…
Come on sis, let’s go, we have a journey to continue…

Wonk was always the voice of reason. Logical and to the point always, like his mother. Conan understand it at once so he was very friendly and helpful and he knew that these bright gentle eyes was true and pure. Conan also manage to see the strength this boys soul had, so he was sure that they will speak again. Conan was very rare happy to speak with a stranger and mostly he never remembered the ones he was releasing from the cross, after all almost all these exiles finded freedom from his hands, but this boy made an impression to him, a good, honest, strong and brave young man and this brave silly girl, gave him happiness for releasing them from the cross, so he went drunk with lungs full of joy. Doing something good always gives you joy, no matter who you are and what your life is. Conan did the right thing and he was sure about it.

The young ones took the road for the jungle, on the way they find a cultists cam, Murielas hope, they spoke with Muriela for awhile and camp by the lake, they needed to rest and start the journey for the jungle!


So the children head for the jungle, in the way Wonk was stopping a lot to check the map and he find the cave the crocodile was lurking. They didn’t think a lot, they entered and slay the crocodile to get from his stomach the first artifact for their freedom.

On the way an unexpected surprise…
Bella saw a beautiful house, it was obvious that someone was living in it, it was such a marvelous home in these lands that for a moment they forgot they were prisoners

Bella : Wonk if we won’t make it there’s a hope for life in here…
Wonk : True little sister, yes they are rough lands but no matter the roughness, i wouldn’t mind live in a place like it!
Bella : do you think the owner is a handsome free man (and she laughed)
Wonk : Well, maybe the owner is a pretty lady, you never know, other than that, the decoration declares a woman’s touch!
Bella went furious, : forget it Wonk we escape, let’s go, if i leave in here you won’t make it…
(Sisters and sisters in law) Wonk laughed harder now and he slapped her neck to move on, of course Bella was chasing him to slap him back, it was a strong one, Wonk was very strong young man so sometimes he couldn’t control his strenth and Bella was his sister, they grow up fighting all the time.
After this wonderful break they continue their journey to finally enter the witch Queen palace!
The outcome was obvious, these children were spending days fighting all day long, their skills were constantly rising and for some reason they couldn’t explain, they were feeling stronger and more agile every single day…

Bella always exited, was dancing after every battle, she was 18, dancing was her life!
The night they camped to one rocky island they find in the way. Wonk started to worry, he could see in his sisters eyes that this reckless girl was falling in love with the exile lands, other than that they were twins, he could sense what’s going on…
But… The moon in these lands is magnificent, no doubt about it

To be continued…


I know I am part of this amazing and lovely story, but I still feel excited about “what will happen next” :slight_smile: .


I just cannot believe it has taken me so long to coordinate with @stelagel so we can continue this challenge.
I really want to see how everything goes from here :smiley:.

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Me too.

Besides, now I have ABBA’s Dancing Queen playing in my head…


For me it was “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)” for weeks :rofl:!
It is specially funny to ask Alexa to play it :wink:.

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They woke up fresh and jumped in the crystal cool waters of Buccaneers bay. The sun was strong and fresh, it reminded them home. Argos has always a young sun, even in cloudy days his smile is visible from times to times behind the cloud. Sun is the warmest brother of every Argosean child. Always there to guide their steps. So the younglings head for the pirate camp that was visible on the dead mans map. They knew that they had to fight someone to gain something, but what?
They didn’t knew what to search, what was the item, the artifact they were looking for?
The pirate camp was guarded really well, guards with panthers and archers were lurking. This was something the younglings had to think twice.
Wonk was looking the cliff. Bella approached him and without many words they decide the same thing. If it was something valuable this was the place to be hidden, so without words they started climbing the cliff.
Wonk was right he took the artifact from captains pocket at once, this must be it Bella…

So again they jumped from the cliff since the whole camp was heading towards them and escaped Buccaneers bay!
It was time to visit the swamp, a place full of poisonous oversized animals and waters green and smelly. They looked the map really fast and when they gazed a strange face with a mouth entrance they enter at once without delay.
Luckily the mobs didn’t follow in this cave but their feeling of relief really soon followed with creeps… Why the mobs don’t enter? Bella said.
Follow sister, we are about to find out.
And they did

Bella opened the beast stomach with her wooden axe and retrieved another artifact.
The younglings got exhausted, they needed to rest, so they find a safe place in this dreadful cave to rest, but are they safe?

To be continued…


And Wonk will never forget that best’s poison!
I am loving that story @stelagel!

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