The Frost Temple

How do I complete the frost temple??? It came up as a legendary challenge. I went in there and killed everyone but didn’t get it completed.

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I think the requirement for that one is killing the king frost giant, I forget the name. It’s possible you went there after someone else killed him and he was still on his respawn timer, or maybe you just missed him. Or maybe it just didn’t register the kill for whatever reason.

That’s my guess anyway.

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This guy?


I did kill him. I got the milestone for killing him.

I suspect that this challenge is bugged, which is frustrating, since Legendary challenges don’t come up that often and the Frost Temple actually takes a decent amount of effort to do. I’ve had it pop up twice since Chapter 2 dropped, and both times it won’t complete, even after killing every single Frost Giant in the temple.

I did it on single player, so it definitely isn’t a ‘someone else already did it’ situation.

Does one have to jump down the hole under the frost forge and kill the dragon as well now?

Last season this one completed the challenge by slaying Hrungnir on his throne, but it hasn’t come up this season yet. Most vexing.

Have you tried admin spawning him and then slaying him? This one had a fluke with Thaag at the end of the Wine Cellar and had to force respawn him.

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Challenges are just generally buggy, just like the rest of the game. I finished Well of Skelos on official PvE and did not get challenge credit. Went into single player admin, straight to the end, killed boss, got credit.

These challenges are supposed to be about killing the main boss of each dungeon. Trying to kill everything in sight won’t do, because without getting an acomplishment after killing the boss means bug.

It happened to me only once, in other cases I always received acomplished challenge.

Good idea would be to change the description of that challenge to “kill (name of the dungeon boss)”, so it’s more clear.

Also few other challenges could use better description.

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