The game requires a lot more content than it has at the start

  1. Project disastrously lacks campaign (solo and co-op modes)
  2. More diversity is required in the maps: Snowy wastelands, rainforests, and so on …
  3. Diversity of flora and fauna
  4. Various weather anomalies (lightning strikes, quicksand, as well as various traps and traps scattered around the map)

And this is only a part of what I would like to see in the game in the near future.

And now from the existing :

a) The game has terrible responsiveness of heroes and units. (they are very slow, slow and often do not want to perform certain actions)
b) a resource utilization balance is required (towards the end of the game there are simply not enough resources for the most basic buildings and units)
с) Big ping when playing in a cooperative and poor optimization in the final stages.

The list can be continued for a very long time. I would very much like the project to be replenished with content and have a lot more variety, otherwise it will quickly lose its relevance.

Thank you for attention.

ps Sorry for my English


Hey @Fanfar

Welcome to our community.
We’re listening and working on ways of fleshing out the options available in the game.
Thanks for your feedback and hope you like what lies ahead :slight_smile: