The game won't start

Hi guys, so i installed the game, waited a few good hours and upon hitting start, i get the message error that the game can’t find “AgeOfConanDX10” exe, even though it’s in the same folder as the patcher exe. I’m running a repair on it now, hoping it will solve the problem.
Thank you.

This particular error leads me to think that you need to be running the game in DX 9. With that said, I think it would be best for you to visit and submit a ticket to our Tech support staff so that they can take a closer look.

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Unfortunately, running the game in DX 9 gave me the same “error 150”, it says something about LocalConfig. I will submit a ticket. Thank you.

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So after installing Strange UI, the game works now, lmao.

Ah! Had I seen this sooner I could have told you that!

Error 150 is definitely caused by Strange UI. I’m glad you managed to figure this out on your own!

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