Wont' start with new engine

I have Win10, a4 4000 dual core CPU and geforce GTX 960. Just downloaded the anarchy online and I picked the new engine. It simply will not start.

The screen will go black for a second and then it sits there for maybe a minute and then gives a message saying “Failed sending bug report: Timed out sending data.” It then proceeds to make it extremely difficult to exit by removing my mouse pointer and forcing me to mess around until I eventually get it to close with the task manager.

The PC is running DX12 because it is a new install of Win10. I have run the old engine on this PC prior to the reinstall. Also, I have tried all 3 GPU settings RGB emulation, Direct 3D HAL and direct 3D T&L HAL. Tried some different anti aliasing and texture settings too.

It seems DX9 does the trick…

OK, I do not like installing old stuff and I wanted to check here anyway just to confirm. I guess I am just impatient. I have installed dx9. I do seem to remember that I had it on the old computer (or rather old Win10 install) but I thought it was there for programming university stuff, specifically a gaming module.

There should be something said early on and somewhere really obvious so that people know that they need June 2010 dx sdk. It would be very helpful.

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